it’s not Navi10, Navi16

In the comment to this news –

Navi10, Navi16, Navi9 is not chip names, the number is just c++ name separator

I would use c++filt name demangler to show this:

Function names as is:

$nm AMDRadeonX6000HWServices | grep Navi
























with c++ name demangling: $ nm AMDRadeonX6000HWServices | grep Navi | c++filt












AMDRadeonX6000_AMDRadeonHWServicesNavi::AMDRadeonX6000_AMDRadeonHWServicesNavi(OSMetaClass const*)


AMDRadeonX6000_AMDRadeonHWServicesNavi::AMDRadeonX6000_AMDRadeonHWServicesNavi(OSMetaClass const*)





AMDRadeonX6000_AMDRadeonHWServicesNavi::getMetaClass() const

AMDRadeonX6000_AMDRadeonHWServicesNavi::MetaClass::alloc() const

vtable for AMDRadeonX6000_AMDRadeonHWServicesNav

vtable for AMDRadeonX6000_AMDRadeonHWServicesNavi::MetaClass 


A way to freeze 10.14.2

Just enter this in command line then type in your admin user password:

sudo vmmap -v 1

After some short time the system will completely hard freeze

Apple forbidding other OSes?

Just updated to Mojave Beta2 on some 15″ mac book pro 2017 (with touchbar) and found out unpleasant thing.
Mac firmware was updated and mac efi now refuses to boot into efi shell (bootx64.efi file located on efi partition in /EFI/BOOT folder), it was working fine before update.

Either it’s some error or Apple is forcing signature check on efi boot file now (boot.efi and apfs.efi already has signatures)

Bootpicker sees the EFI_BOOT record, but choosing it results in booting macos, further investigation shows mac efi won’t even trying to run custom bootloader, its entry point is never called.

UPDATE: probably a bug, placing efi shell to /usr/standalone/i386/boot.efi location and using system prefs to reboot into target volume (which will rebless the partition) helped to get efi shell booted. no sig check obviously.

EFI BIOS of Imac Pro leaked some time ago

A bit old news, but
With some of DP for high sierra Apple has accidentially released fw for imac pro.
You can find it here –

Why I think it’s imac pro ? dsdt has name of model – imac. ALso there is uefi driver for amd radeon vg10.

That matches imac pro.

few other interesting things I’ve found: apple secure boot and microsoft secure boot support. first time spi flash rom is 16 mb (prevuously it waws 8 mb). voice over uefi driver (siri on separate cpu will work even in uefi ?)

Pascal OSX drivers coming this month

Following new GTX Titan Xp announce:

Open to Mac Community

Speaking of users, we’re also making the new TITAN Xp open to the Mac community with new Pascal drivers, coming this month. For the first time, this gives Mac users access to the immense horsepower delivered by our award-winning Pascal-powered GPUs.

TB3 blacklist in OSX bypassed

One of our forum members has successfully bypassed blacklist of tb3 devices in macos and running egpu in razer core on new mbp.

More here

For anyone skilled enough who wants to repeat it.
“After digging around, it looks like the decision is made by IOThunderboltFamily. There is a shouldSkipEnumeration function and by patching it to always return false”

RX 480 already works in osx 10.12

More news:

Using same trick as for R9 Nano it was possible to get new RX 480 card working in osx.

Not very stable.

more info in forum.

MacOS 10.12 brings Fiji acceleration support finally

Good news from our friends.

One can get working acceleration (and finally a full working driver) on amd Fiji cards (R9 Fury/X/Nano)

Just add device id (0x73001002) into Baffins section (AMDBaffinGraphicsAccelerator) in /System/Library/Extensions/AMDRadeonX4000.kext/Contents/Info.plist

Caveat – so far it only works on nmp as eGPU, some code that is checking for nmp is in place.

More here – Forum post

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macOS 10.12 and MacPro1,1/2,1

Bad news for everyone who still uses 65-nm intel cpu based on conroe arch (for example MP1,1/2,1).

SSE4 is being used now in system application and these cpus a missing it.

For example, trying to run macOS 10.12 on MP1,1/MP2,1 will give a panic because launchd process (init process, if it dies – kernel in panic) dies with signal 4 (illegal instruction).

Your only hope is when 10.12 released and sources code for kernel becomes available, if somebody will implement sse4,1 emulator (similar to sse3 emulation in the past)

macOS 10.12 now uses Metal for GUI

Good news.

It’s not intel-only now.

On Nvidia (and most likely amd cards too) the GUI of macOS 10.12 now runs on top of metal, not OpenGL.

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