Efi bootloader for 32-bit efi macs and osx mavericks.

Hello. It’s a bit old, but still awesome news. An osx bootloader for old macs with 64-bit cpu but 32-bit efi (like macpro 1,1/2,1). Can boot osx mavericks, supports efi in osx, so nvram, firevault and other things depending on efi runtime calls will work.

Check it out here


OSX 10.9.1

cat /System/Library/Extensions/AppleKextExcludeList.kext/Contents/Info.plist | grep netkas

AMD Radeons R9 29..whatever

This wednesday AMD gonna announce online their new videocards, some of them might be able to beat gtx Titan.

OSX 10.9′s amd driver seems to know something about these new cards already

Radeon HD Hawaii XT Prototype
Radeon HD Hawaii PRO Prototype
Radeon HD Hawaii Unknown Prototype

not much tho, but we might hope for osx support sooner than later.

Safari pop-up hell

Recently was browsing some site using ipad and the site openned some junky link in background, that background link started spamming me with popups which I can’t get rid off.

Here is an example of such thing – open me. it’s safer because starts spamming you only after you press the button, unlike original, so you can kill safari then start it again and close the tab.

Desktop safari has same issue. Opera and Chrome let you stop the script, firefox lets you close the tab, Safari – you can only close safari with all of its tabs.


Same post as previous, but for amd videocard, 7950, osx 10.9 vs win8+catalyst 13.8b2

OSX 10.9

Win8 OGL

Win9 DX11

OSX AMD drivers are 34% slower than windows ogl drivers and 51% slower than windows DX11 drivers

such result could be due to extreme tessellation mode and inability of osx drivers to handle it fast enough. Also 8xAA made a big hit.

10.9 vs Win

I recently discovered heaven 4.0 for mac supports tessellation on OSX 10.9. So I decided to make a comparison of windows and osx drivers using same benchmark with same preset.

Using 8 Core MP3,1 and GTX Titan card, secondary ati 2600xt for boot display. For windows using latest whql nvidia driver.
Here are the results:


Windows OpenGL

Windows DX11

OSX drivers are 22% slower than windows opengl and 26% slower than windows dx11

10.8.5, haswell for everyone

10.8.5 beta is out.

Has haswell support, including a video driver for hd5000.

nvidia driver is 310.40.00.10f02, not very new

Better Nvidia news

Nvidia drivers from 10.9, GeForce.kext has mentions of three geforce generations in it’s Info.plist

GF100 (old fermi cards)

GK100 (current kepler cards)

GM100 (future Maxwell cards)

This means they started writing drivers for maxwell, and it means samples already exists.

OSX 10.9 and some things

Some sneak peak from Apple.
Tesla acceleration drivers in 10.9
Don’t know what card they are for, Fermi based tesla C2070 didn’t used them.
Just a guess: It could be drivers optimized for computing, like there are some for windows. Maybe new Mac Pro will have not only the Firepro.

Sorry guys, its nothing about tesla cards, its just driver for older generation of geforce cards, gt200 aka tesla.

New MacPro, many thunderbolts and Video Cards

Lots of people ask what will happen if they connect videocard over thunderbolt 2 to new MacPro.

Let’s figure that out.

First, what is thunderbolt 2.

In thunderbolt 1, you had 2 lines of bidirectional 10 Gbit/s link, one for video and one for data.

In thunderbolt 2, these lines are combined, now you can get either 20 Gbit/s for data or for video.

That gives us 2.5 Gbyte/s.

now lets looks at pcie


PCIe Bandwidth Comparison (Each Direction)
PCIe 1.x PCIe 2.x PCIe 3.0
x1 250MB/sec 500MB/sec 1GB/sec
x2 500MB/sec 1GB/sec 2GB/sec
x4 1GB/sec 2GB/sec 4GB/sec
x8 2GB/sec 4GB/sec 8GB/sec
x16 4GB/sec 8GB/sec 16GB/sec

so, TB2 is a bit faster than pcie 3.0 x2 or pcie 2.0 x4 (talking about pcie 2.0 because true (old) macpros has pcie 2.0 links)

Now, if you want to know performance impact, open this link for a good article at anadtech and look for red bar.

In games, performance impact could be from few percents up to 40 percents. In opencl workload impact gonna be high.

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