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[offtopic] ubuntu 12.10

Nouveau doesn’t work on macpro.

Cool update guys, going right way ! ….highway to hell…..

Intel’s xeon Phi running linux inside

Intel’s xeon phi is what could become a vga card but didn’t. Its pcie card with 56 pentium-class cores and 8 gb of ram.
An interesting thing is that it runs an operating system inside, based on linux kernel.

Long story at semiaccurate

So, anyone wants to try to run a linux kernel on nvidia’s cuda or amd’s gcn ?

How to recover videoCard after a really bad flash

Yeah, I know ML got released but it isn’t very interesting…

So, back to topic, sometimes it happens so you flash a videocard and after reboot the system doesnt see it at all, usualy happens with nvidia cards.

What to do ?

need to erase flash rom chip, but how, if one is not soldering guru and has no spi programmer ?

well, just need to prevent videocard from reading flash rom chip and here is how:

1) hardest part, find the spi rom chip, its 8-pin chip, usualy looks similar to this one, color doesnt matter

see the dot on it, its pin #1
there is few chips that looks similar, but only one is flash spi rom chip, be carefull
2) short pin 4 and pin 5,  better to do it with some thin wire, and make sure you didnt short anything else, also make sure you can unshort it when the card is running and dont short anything else doing so.

this trick prevents videocard from sending any command to flash rom chip, and so it cant read content of rom chip
3) now start the computer(obviously you will need the second card to do this), now the card will be visible, with 0000 as subsystem devid and vendor id,
make sure system and flashing app see the card fine
4) now very carefully, while the system is running, cut the wire you used to short 5 and 4 pins
5) flash the card (in case of nvflash use options -5 -6, in case of atiflash use -f option)
6) after flashing is done, quickly switch off computer, remove the card, remove all wires you used to short pins
7) enjoy


[OT]OpenSource linux drivers progress

I’m just amazed how far linux opensource radeon driver got so far.

[OffTopic] celeron for 1366, lol

did you know ?

a celeron cpu for lga1366 😀

Just thoughts

Currently,  the onyl advantage of gaming consoles is huge cpu-gpu interconnect bandwidth:

PS3:  Cell FlexIO bus interface
20 GB/s read to the Cell and XDR memory
15 GB/s write to the Cell and XDR memory

XBOX360: 21.6 GB/s front side bus

10.8 GB/s upstream and downstream

it looks huge (especially ps3)  in comparision with pci-express 2.0 x16

which is 8GB/s upstream and 8GB/s downstream. It isn’t bottleneck in current game’s developing paradigm because it was created to workaround that bottleneck in ages of pci-e 1.1 or even agp. Just compare 2gb of vram on 6970 and 256mb vram on ps3. Cell cpu in ps3 can quickly feed gpu with needed data without the need to store everything in vram to keep up with fps. On pc, for sake of speed you gonna store as much as possible in gpu’s vram. (Yeah, I understand the difference in the output resolution, but still..)

But, next generation of pc gonna fix that, there is already a lot of pci-e 3.0 mainboards you can see on computex these days. Its gonna be released when sandybridge-E and ivybridge will be launched.

Pci-e 3.0 gonna give us 16 GB/s downstream and 16 GB/s upstream, which is now comparable to ps3.

I just wonder what game developers can do if they will not care about backward compatibility and will fully use that 32 GB/s (total bandwidth) line.

Just funny numbers

Nvidia’s dual-gpu cards power consumption:


Try to guess what will be next.


Using iphone as touchpad

Found funny thing, ability to use iphone 2g/3g as touchpad without need to use appstore

just need to have Idroid installed on it, then navigate to Market, find and install RemoteDroid.

Then go to here download RemoteDroidServer
run java application (java -jar ./RemoteDroidServer.jar)

run RemoteDroid on ur idroid, enter ip of pc and enjoy 😀

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