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having fun with iphun

Unjailbroken iphone4 running cydia app ControlPad

Unjailbroken iphone runs iFile, and /etc/fstab opened to proove root fs is ro.

funny, isn’t it ?

p.s. that’s not my fingers πŸ˜›

Let the octopus Paul predict whether there is a higgs boson. So they can save money on the LHC :D.

Running ipad app on i4

iphone4 can run some ipad apps, example is on video

the iphone4 wasnt jailbroken, so don’t ask me for jb or anything

Some bugs just never die

Remember the bug ?

it’s still present in Geforce 257.XX drivers.

I tried to write about it on their official forum – nothing.

Shame on nvidia.

BTW, A new Opera with vp8/webm video support –

Some things about steam and mac

Looks like source engine for mac in newly released steam still uses dx9 to opengl translation and it’s not native opengl game.

it doesn’t really matter if it works, but still it’s direct x πŸ˜›


valve’s dev: I wrote the native OpenGL module for Source Mac. It presents a DX9 compatible interface to the engine, engine calls me, I call GL, dots appear.



rbarris: On Mac Source, all of the source code has been compiled native. Specific modules have been replaced with ones that can drive OS X API’s, like graphics and sound. All the OpenGL code lives in a little lib called “shaderapidx9” which is shorthand for “the shading subsystem that can run on dx9-class hardware”. That’s sort of the grand central station for graphics API traffic coming out of the engine and down into the OS&driver.

You can make donations now

Just send them to paypal account listed on this page

It was 1st April’s joke



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Ha ha

it’s fun because you can get the card for twice less, flash with simple osx application and enjoy.

Update about nvidia driver’s bugs

Remember this ?

Recently tested 191.00 drivers: hdmi audio finaly works, clocks throtling seems to work properly again, except when hdmi tv connected or movie played – always in 3d mode

Still screen glitches (horizontal stripes, as you can see on video from that post) when driver changes clocks of vga card, same glitches exist in snow leopard.

Why Nvidia drivers suck.

Update : 190.62 drivers fixed noone of these issues

A little offtopic

I’m so tired of this shity nvidia drivers.

I have a laptop with nvidia card, g84 based, and I cant use any drivers newer than 182 series, because of three annoying bugs, which many users reported, but nvidia doesnt want to fix them.

here they are:

1) annoying screen flickering, you can see it in this short video:

2) gpu always uses highest clocks, sometime lowering for a second into low-3d clocks, never uses 2d clocks as it should, compare, Β left – 190.38 drivers, right – 182.52 drivers

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3) hdmi audio doesnt work, I can choose it in sound manager, I can see there it used, but no real sound output.

same attitude with all desktop drivers 185 186 190 and with mobile drivers 186.

Not going to buy anything nvidia anymore.

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