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Same post as previous, but for amd videocard, 7950, osx 10.9 vs win8+catalyst 13.8b2

OSX 10.9

Win8 OGL

Win9 DX11

OSX AMD drivers are 34% slower than windows ogl drivers and 51% slower than windows DX11 drivers

such result could be due to extreme tessellation mode and inability of osx drivers to handle it fast enough. Also 8xAA made a big hit.

10.9 vs Win

I recently discovered heaven 4.0 for mac supports tessellation on OSX 10.9. So I decided to make a comparison of windows and osx drivers using same benchmark with same preset.

Using 8 Core MP3,1 and GTX Titan card, secondary ati 2600xt for boot display. For windows using latest whql nvidia driver.
Here are the results:


Windows OpenGL

Windows DX11

OSX drivers are 22% slower than windows opengl and 26% slower than windows dx11

We finaly got a bench

Unigine heaven 3.0 support osx 10.7+

Finally something to put pressure on cayman in 10.8

Some gfx benches

Wanted to compare quality of nvidia/ati drivers in osx, here is results:

Test setup – 10.6.7 OSX, nvidia drivers – latest nvidia drivers for mac from nvidia site (256.01.00f03), C2Q @ 3GHz, 8GB ram

Used cs:source from steam, custom demo.

Settings – 1680×1050, all settings maxed + 4xMSAA + vsync off


GTX285 – 134.32 fps (something wrong with drivers in some moments of demo, really it has much better fps)
8800gt 1gb – 167.39 fps
4850 – 184.58 fps
GTX480 – 217.12 fps
5870 2gb – 228.75 fps

Some snow kitty screenshots ;)

This is two opengl extension viewer screen from user with gtx260 and snow leo.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

P.S. there is no dirvers for it for leopard, and it cant be backported from snowleo

RadeonHD 4850 and Leopard, finaly!

using 10.5.7 beta ati drivers (jsut five kexts) and new natit, i got my 4850 working in 10.5.6 Leopard 🙂

You need to have OSX 10.5.6 or higher

What’s working – qe/ci, resolution change

What Problems:

currently only second dvi port works for me, and only with dvi-vga adapter

also, Display is recognized as standart vga/svga display, so only 4:3 resolutions available

only usefull for VGA connections –  with switchresx(before using it, make sure u can change resolution) help i added 1680×1050 mode jsut fine 🙂

EDIT3(for4850): booted with dvi2vga(converter only, no monitor attached to it) in second port, and dvi connected to first port(closest to mobo), and voila,

display on first port properly recognized.

some vertical little screen jerkness sometimes

Pkg with drivers  you will find in #radeonhd room on

and now some screenshots

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

User with 4870 reported he has almost no problems with 4870, he just cant change resolution, results in black screen

Free Image Hosting at

Btw, 10.5.7 kernel also supports Nehalem i7 fully now.

P.S. I hope no other company than Apple/AMD will pretend they wrote drivers for 4850/4870 or nehalem i7

Core I7 MacOSX benchmarks.

Some anonymous source suplied me with core i7 benchmarks on MacOSX

CPU is i7 920 with ddr3-1066 memory, cpux misidentified freq and multiplier for it, actualy it’s 2.66ghz and mutliplier is 20

cpux screenshot with i7

now the benchmarks itself, they are very impressive, looks like ddr3 tri-channel memory helps it a lot.


geekbench1 test

quad core penryn at 3.2ghz getting 421.5 points in same test, with ddr2-800 memory.

geekbench1 rosetta

gb rosetta i7

quad core penryn at 3.2 ghz getting 307.5 points in same test, with ddr2-800 memory.

xbench(no hdd test included):

xbench i7 results

same test with 3.2ghz c2q

P.S. voodoo 10.5.5 kernel was used