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11a459e and 10k521

first, new Lion build, has a bit newer nvidia drivers – 7.0.82 270.05.00a08

still no gtx580/570 dev-ids in it

ati x3000 kext version – 7.0.82 9749 (previous update – 7.0.75 9698)

10.6.8 beta – no fermi drivers at all

ati x3000 kext version – (9707) (from latest imac update –, so not much newer

anyone wanna test 6970 ?

P.S. imac’s update as well as 10.6.8 beta has sandy bridge video drivers.

Intel HD Graphics and OSX

Apple posted update for new MBPs

Inside we have two new kexts (and some bundles for it), and these kexts have device ids of supported devices

AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext – 0x00468086 0x00428086 (It is the framebuffer)

AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext – 0x00448086 0x00468086 (it is the accelerator)

These devids is for

0042 Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (clarkdale’s (desktop) core i3/i5 gpu)
0044 Core Processor DRAM Controller
1025 0347 Aspire 7740G
0046 Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (it’s probably arrandale’s (mobile) core i5/i7 gpu)

Good luck in trying these kexts!