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New nVidia drivers for Lion

gtx580 support out of the box –

and just one string i found in gldriver – KeplerDecisionMaker (has also FermiDecisionMaker)

Far less than what we see for tahiti in amd drivers tho.

But main thing about this driver is ability to work without injector/graphicsEnabler (thx to our forum members for figuring it out) , and its fine for dual-dvi cards.

So nVidia cards works without efi rom or aty_init on macpros now, just plug it in, just no boot screen.

QE/CI patch for 4890&co

A patch for sone exotic 48xx series cards to get qe/ci.

Also working on a cayman patch, anyone have original and patched x3000.kext for cayman (to fix itunes causing kernel panic) for 10.7.1or 10.7.2 ?

10.7.3 osx

10.7.3 is out as you know, will try to make my usual patches as soon as I can.

Doubts on 6970 future in OSX

According to latest leaks 6950/6970(Cayman) gonna be the only cards with VLIW4 arch. And since Apple never used and most likely will never use vliw4 cards, we may end up with no Cayman support in osx drivers at all( with patches – on incomplete level). It can be 4890 story all over again.

A fix for filevault2 security issue

Just made a fix for filevault2 issue i described earlier.

Here is compiled (from sources) 10.7.2 kernel and a source patch

By default this kernel forbids booting into single-user-mode for everyone, if firevault 2 protection is enabled.

But you can allow one user (e.g. admin or yourself) to boot system to single-user-mode.

to do this, boot into osx typing password for that account at efi login screen.

then run this command:

ioreg -l -w0 -p IODeviceTree | grep efilogin-unlock-ident

you will get result like:

| | “efilogin-unlock-ident” = <"4B012BC6-A948-2893-3454-B345307B8234">

copy the value – 4B012BC6-A948-2893-3454-B345307B8234

andd insert it into /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ under name suallow, just like in example bellow:

Kernel Flags

So, now only the user you choosed can boot single user mode when FV2 enabled, and nobody else.

Now your files can be almost fully secured.

Migration assistant killing hackintosh and a way to fix it

If you would you migration assistant to transfer your account from hackintosh to Mac, you will notice that your hackintosh won’t be able to boot after it. This happens due to osx messing up some file so bootloader can’t boot it.

So, if it happened you need to fix it, with help of another osx copy on your pc.

A fix for single file with name “filename” is:

sudo su
cd folder_of_file
rm .SM.gul.filename
cp filename filename_
rm filename
mv filename_ filename

And the files you need to fix are(* is a wild card):

FileVault 2 is pointless sometimes

Imagine this:
1) You have a mac with Lion installed, you have administrative right on it
2) you wanna other people to be able to access the computer sometimes (like coworkers, roommates, etc) but do not be able to access your files ever, so you create non-administrative account for them
3) you enable filevault 2 to protect your files from being accessed by strangers (in office, for example)
4) user with account we created in pt. 2 and its password do this – reboot mac, hold down command+s on startup, then enters password for non-administrative account he has, and booting to single user mode with root access, game over, he has full access to all your files and even can change your password.

isn’t it a sick mindless design ?

Cayman and 10.7.2

A files to get Cayman cards (6970/6950) working in final 10.7.2 build –

As usual, no msaa and etc, but most things work

QE/CI patch for 48×0 cards for 10.7.2

A fix for some 48×0 cards is rmeoved

iCloud on Hacks

For iCloud working on Hacks you need to find updated booter.

afterwards it works fine.

if you have link to the info about what was changed, post it into comments.

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