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Mountain lion GM and Lion new beta

Apple just released ML GM, aka what will be the rtm of ML.

Video drivers in lion was slightly updated.

More info will be posted later.

Interesting things:
1) they have cleaned ML, there is not a single kext with 32-bit part anymore.
2) video driver support is same as in dp4: 6970 with a patch and cold boot bug( cmon apple/amd, you had it fixed in dp2 and have it now fixed in lion). Nvidia gtx670/gtx680 works, no GE/aty_init or efi(on a mac needed)

And GTX680 works in OSX

Follow us here.

About ML DP4

1) kepler drivers present!
2) ATIRadeonX3000.kext is missing, completely replaced by AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext now, which still has cold boot bug and needs a patch for a kernel panic.

Some 7xxx radeon support is already in ML

Regarding previous news, I actually missed one thing.

Lombok – mobile Cape Verde (77xx or 78xxM) support is already in AMDRadeonAccelerator and in ATI6000Controller kexts.

So, look like apple is gonna use Lombok (78xxM) in their next products!

Thames (mobile Pitcairn, 78xx == 79xxM) support is around the corner too

Radeon Lombok XT Prototype
Radeon Lombok PRO Prototype
Radeon Thames XT Prototype
Radeon Thames PRO Prototype
Radeon Thames LE Prototype

Edit, sorry guys, i was wrong, according to this, lombok seems to be just 7xxx rebrand of 66xx Turks card.

New Radeon 5xxx/6xxx driver In ML DP3

In ML DP3 instead of


we now has


which (according to its Info.plist) support radeon 5xxx family and 6xxx family.

But if you look inside of it. it supports more:


We had signs of this new driver coming in previous versions of ATIRadeonX3000.kext, and now its here !

7xxx series will not work just yet, as it needs FrameBuffer driver first, and this is just accelerator (provides OpenGL&co acceleration)

Updated IOPCIFamily for Mountain Lion

It’s an old IOPCIFamily upgraded to work with new AppleACPIPlatform and Mountain Lion, as I described ealier.

Updated it to fix missing symbols for dp2 wifi drivers and applethunderbolt kexts.

Sources and Binaries

Mountain Lion DP2 drops 32-bit kernel support

The kernel and most kexts is 64-bit only now, only few kexts left with 32-bit partm like ati and nvidia framebuffer, ACPIPlatform and appleHDA. full list here –

Old mac users (with 64-bit cpus buts 32-bit efi) may try to run ML on their macs using chameleon (forum thread about it) or try to use DP1’s kernel and Extensions folder.

No support for AMD Radeon 7xx0 cads yet

No Kepler nvidia drivers yet, but more things of driver being developing.

And 6970 on 10.8 DP1

Following the pref news of how well ML now runs, a sshot of 6970 working in ML on my lappy with vidock setup:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And a patched x3000.kext (ungzip, binary goes into ATIRadeonX3000.kext/Contents/MacOS/) to fix panic caused by iTunes :  


These of you who are stuck at [PCI Configuration begin/end] and npci=0x3000 doesnt help, you had to use 10.6.7 IOPCIFamily and AppleACPIPlatform, and can’t try Mountain Dew Lion.

Well, no more.

I ported IOPCIFamily-115 kext to work with new AppleACPIPlatform.

So, you can use it and no need to replace AppleACPIPlatform with old one, a bit better then having to replace both. Here is a link to a kext and sources –

Also, here is version for Mountain Lion, which allowed my lappy to boot 10.8 –

(both versions include fixes for ethernet and wifi on laptops lacking iomap addresses)

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