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New MacPro, many thunderbolts and Video Cards

Lots of people ask what will happen if they connect videocard over thunderbolt 2 to new MacPro.

Let’s figure that out.

First, what is thunderbolt 2.

In thunderbolt 1, you had 2 lines of bidirectional 10 Gbit/s link, one for video and one for data.

In thunderbolt 2, these lines are combined, now you can get either 20 Gbit/s for data or for video.

That gives us 2.5 Gbyte/s.

now lets looks at pcie


PCIe Bandwidth Comparison (Each Direction)
PCIe 1.x PCIe 2.x PCIe 3.0
x1 250MB/sec 500MB/sec 1GB/sec
x2 500MB/sec 1GB/sec 2GB/sec
x4 1GB/sec 2GB/sec 4GB/sec
x8 2GB/sec 4GB/sec 8GB/sec
x16 4GB/sec 8GB/sec 16GB/sec

so, TB2 is a bit faster than pcie 3.0 x2 or pcie 2.0 x4 (talking about pcie 2.0 because true (old) macpros has pcie 2.0 links)

Now, if you want to know performance impact, open this link for a good article at anadtech and look for red bar.

In games, performance impact could be from few percents up to 40 percents. In opencl workload impact gonna be high.

Let’s look at new macpro

Let’s look at new macpro, thanks The Verge and Apple for pics of it.

1) The processor and RAM. There is only one CPU, and 4 ram slots around it, ram seems to be easily accessible.

Mac Pro processor

2013 06 10macprofirstlook 1 verge super wide

2) The disk. Their so called pci-e ssd is…. looks like some macbookpro ssd.

2013 06 10macprofirstlook 8 verge super wide

3) The GPU. There is two of them, you can see their backplates on sides of MacMiniPro

apple wwdc mac pro innards png

2013 06 10macprofirstlook 2 verge super wide

These things don’t look changeable.

Hence you will be able to upgrade memory and disk, but nothing else, sounds like mac mini.