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PC EFI V 10.6

New in this release:

  • Support for desktop Radeons 4300/4500/4600 in GraphicsEnabler
  • Added system-id fix, system doesn’t forget your keyboard settings anymore
  • Added fix for lynnfield cpus

2nd and 3rd are 3rd party fixes.
So it’s ready for snow leopard finaly 😀
booter (unbzip first)


PC EFI v10.5

New in release:

  • Automatic detection of pci root uid value(for GraphicsEnabler and ethernetbuiltin options) based on parsing DSDT.aml file (if you dont use custom DSDT.aml, you will need to use -pci1 flag in case you have uid=1) . If booter fails to detect it or you dont have _UID property in pci root(in dsdt) then UID=0 used by default, but, if you have UID=1 and booter fails to detect it, use -pci1 boot flag. Uid detection works really well in most cases.
  • Added aserebln’s patch for better cpu type detection, for example I dont need to add SMcputype key anymore
  • Better handling of pci slot names if nvidia card present

Zipped booter – link1 link2(mirror)


More information and installation instructions here.

PC EFI V10.4.1

New version of chameleon based booter includes these new abilities:

  • GraphicsEnabler now supports Radeon hd 2/3 series too, but only for Leopard
  • GraphicsEnabler now set up bin_image property for all radeon hd cards found in system, should fix 100% fan speed issue.
  • You can tell GraphicsEnabler(GE) to use custom version of bios(for overcloking/changing fan speed/ etc). Use option -useatirom, and GE will look for bios files in /Extra folder (from root and boot partitions, Extra from root partition has more priority). Place bios files to Extra folder and rename them to this format – ati_XXXX_YYYY.rom, where XXXX – devid, and YYYY – vendor-id, for example rom file for 4850 should be named – ati_9442_1002.rom.
  • 3rd party sm_cpu_type patch added (well, doesnt work for me anyway) and 3d party patch to fix hibernation.
  • Proper enumerating of all pci ethernet/video devices
  • Fixed few typos
  • Support for radeon hd 4730 (rv770 based card) added to GE, the card wasn’t tested tho
  • Support for multiple Radeon hd 48×0 cards in SnowLeopard
  • Added GE support for 2600 and 3870 in snowleopard, need to remove x2000.kext to get reschange, other pre-4xxx cards need to be tested yet

Installation – make sure you have chameleon2 installed, then replace boot file in boot partition with this one – boot_10.4.1

Sources – Chameleon-2.0-RC3-r658-src_PCEFIV10.4-src.tar.bz2

Also, legacyAti4800Controller kext, to forget about adding dev-id to that kext after every update – kext, use in mkext in /Extra/

p.s. Updated Graphics Enabler now works with 10.6.2 and ati 48×0 gpus.

PC EFI V10.3

New release 10.3 is now based on Chameleon2 RC3

it includes all features of 10/10.1 (like 64-bit efi pages and etc), also introduces new features, like support for injecting ati radeon 48×0 cards in bootloader, like chameleon2 rc3 does for nvidia, more ati support will come later.

Video and ethernet devices now listed in PCI Cards section of system profiler.(if graphicsenabler/ethernetbuiltin used)

Fixed few bugs in rc3 code.

Now about inbooter injector.

Chameleon2 RC3 supported only pciroot = 0, many new motherboards have pciroot=1.

Now pciroot=1 used by default, if you want pciroot to be 0 – use -pci0 boot option.

To find you pciroot value, use this osx terminal command:

ioreg -l | grep -15 “AppleACPIPCI\ ” | grep UID

To activate video/ethernet injector just use same options in boot.plist that used in Chameleon RC2+ and remove device properties key, options is :


ATI injecctor designed for snow leopard, dont use it in leopard(binimage isn’t injected) with 4830/4850(you will get screen flickerings)

Installation – if you dont have chameleon2 installed yet – get rc1/rc2 install pkg and use leopard to install bootloader, then replace boot file in root of boot partition with this one – booter10.1

source patch diff

PC EFI V10.2 beta

PC EFI is a bootloader based on chameleon2 source code, v 10.3 brings one new feature, a cd/dvd-rom reading driver for ide mode(compatibe/legacy and enchanced/native).

The driver based on mindrvr from

it doesn’t work with ahci(it will not detect dvd drives in ahci mode, hard drives still work fine).

it’s beta, so its only for testing, driver may not work for you.

known issues: sata ports 5-6 doesnt work, so I disabled scanning of those.

plz test it if you can, in different configurations, and send feedbacks.

if it freezes at black screen with white text , before gui appears, make a camshot of it and post in comments, with you configuration (mobo model, which ports connect to device(which device)).

here is how it works for me, video was a bit edited to make it less booring.

link to bootloader –

link to sources –

to install v10.2 – if you dont have pcefi v10.x or Chameleon2RC1 installed yet, download and install Chameleon2RC1 (not RC2)
then just replace old boot file with new one.

so far it was tested only with some intel controllers, wasnt tested with ite/jmicron/nvidia/amd controllers

You absolutely need to insert a mac os x install dvd when trying it, if you want dvd icon to appear in gui.

Thanks to fassl for support.

PC_EFI V10.1

Just a small fix for booting system without DSDT.aml

system was stalling on motherboards like gigabyte, where bootloader fails to find pointer to acpi 2.0 table, fixed.

if you dont have the problem – no need to update.

bootloader – bootloader

source patch from previous version – patch

install only over chameleon rc1, dont install over rc2.


Latest and greatest PC_EFI, based on chameleon2

Image Hosted by

patches added for better snow leo compatibility,

they include: emulating 64-bit efi pages, removed setting IODT://options by bootloader, changed smth in hibernate, for better ati compatibility (wasnt tested yet), by default it boots 64-bit snow leo kernel on 64-bit cpus, flag -x32 will force loading 32-bit kernel

known issues: boot stalls if DSDT.aml isn’t present.

bootloader –

sources –

to install on system with installed chameleon2 just replace boot file with the one provided here, otherwise follow chameleon2 installation guide.

RadeonHD 4850 and Leopard, finaly!

using 10.5.7 beta ati drivers (jsut five kexts) and new natit, i got my 4850 working in 10.5.6 Leopard 🙂

You need to have OSX 10.5.6 or higher

What’s working – qe/ci, resolution change

What Problems:

currently only second dvi port works for me, and only with dvi-vga adapter

also, Display is recognized as standart vga/svga display, so only 4:3 resolutions available

only usefull for VGA connections –  with switchresx(before using it, make sure u can change resolution) help i added 1680×1050 mode jsut fine 🙂

EDIT3(for4850): booted with dvi2vga(converter only, no monitor attached to it) in second port, and dvi connected to first port(closest to mobo), and voila,

display on first port properly recognized.

some vertical little screen jerkness sometimes

Pkg with drivers  you will find in #radeonhd room on

and now some screenshots

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

User with 4870 reported he has almost no problems with 4870, he just cant change resolution, results in black screen

Free Image Hosting at

Btw, 10.5.7 kernel also supports Nehalem i7 fully now.

P.S. I hope no other company than Apple/AMD will pretend they wrote drivers for 4850/4870 or nehalem i7

Snow kitty will like it

Free Image Hosting at

set of legacy kexts for ich9/10

I took legacy kexts made by cyclonefr for ich9, added ich10 support and sharing them.

just put it to /Extra/Extensions.mkext and u can forget about orange icons with sata and ich9/10 problems.(like having to add device id or etc).

p.s. in case of pcefiv9. waht to do with those kexts ?

put them to /Extra/Extensions/ folder

run few commands:

sudo chown -R 0:0 /Extra/

sudo chmod -R 755 /Extra/

sudo kextcache -a i386 -m /Extra/Extensions.mkext /Extra/Extensions

sudo mv /Extra/Extensions /Extra/Extensions1

last command renamed Extensions folder, to make sure bootlaoder will load exactly mkext

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