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11G15 10.7.5 beta update

GPU drivers are exactly same version as in MBP2012’s update pkg.

At least you can use 10.7.5 beta update to get drivers installed the Apple’s way.

MBP 2012 osx news roundup

1) ivy bridge support in kernel
2) geforce gtx6xx drivers, working
3) ati drivers, 69×0 working in macpro
4) intel hd 4000 drivers, not tested
5) usb3 drivers for z77, working

6970 working in Lion

With no patch, msaa works.
All you need is drivers from MBP2012 and three more frameworks from mbp2012:


So again, 6970, no coldboot bug, msaa works, itunes doesnt panic, whooooo
smalluxGPU opencl bench causes KP.

Follow the progress here

P.S. you can even get kepler working in Lion same way.

MBP2012 ati drivers fix cayman coldboot bug

I’m able to boot 6970 into lion right from cold start, using mbp2012 update’s drivers

We just need to hunt down opengl && opencl frameworks from 2012 macbooks and cayman is done for lion, (maybe a little patch will be needed, but still, no coldboot bug is great news)

About ML DP4

1) kepler drivers present!
2) ATIRadeonX3000.kext is missing, completely replaced by AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext now, which still has cold boot bug and needs a patch for a kernel panic.

Gathering 10.7.4 fixes

10.7.4 came out some time ago, so lets collect some fixes, feel free to post them in a comments.

1) fermi opencl patch, still same, for both 10.7.4 driver and nvidia’s 10.7.4 web driver (available from nvidia site, works with gtx5xx and auto-inits nvidia cards)


EB A8 83 F8 02 7C 15

replace 02 with 03 to get:

EB A8 83 F8 03 7C 15


78 E8 83 F8 02 7C 11

replace 02 with 03 to get:

78 E8 83 F8 03 7C 11

2) qe/ci patch for radeons 48xx

Thx to duffs for making patch, i’m just a bit busy lately. I just packaged it into nicely pkg.

3) applertc sleep fix

sudo perl -pi -e ‘s|\x75\x30\x44\x89\xf8|\xeb\x30\x44\x89\xf8|; s|\x75\x3d\x8b\x75\x08|\xeb\x3d\x8b\x75\x08|’ /System/Library/Extensions/AppleRTC.kext/Contents/MacOS/Apple

New Radeon 5xxx/6xxx driver In ML DP3

In ML DP3 instead of


we now has


which (according to its Info.plist) support radeon 5xxx family and 6xxx family.

But if you look inside of it. it supports more:


We had signs of this new driver coming in previous versions of ATIRadeonX3000.kext, and now its here !

7xxx series will not work just yet, as it needs FrameBuffer driver first, and this is just accelerator (provides OpenGL&co acceleration)

Sneak peak into future amd cards

According to the opensource 7xx0 linux drivers part that AMD released today, we will see mobile amd videocards based on pitcairn (78×0) and cape verde (77×0) video cards.

Maybe for new imac ? 😀

Also, the codename of graphics core of trinity apu is gonna be ARUBA, and it’s gonna be VLIW4 just like Cayman with devid range 0x9900-0x990f and 0x9990-0x9994.

And 6970 on 10.8 DP1

Following the pref news of how well ML now runs, a sshot of 6970 working in ML on my lappy with vidock setup:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And a patched x3000.kext (ungzip, binary goes into ATIRadeonX3000.kext/Contents/MacOS/) to fix panic caused by iTunes :  

Cayman works natively in 10.8

6970 and 6950 works fine in OSX 10.8, woohoo.

more here

And the efi rom I made for it in august make 6970 work just fine!

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