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PC EFI V 7.3

New: added ability to boot foreign bootloaders, like lilo/grub/grub2 from guid partitions.

hm, i found gpt patch for 0.97 grub

grub from ubuntu 7.10 confirmed to have gpt/guid support.

It can be isntalled to guid partition (stage1 to partition too)

e.g. with two command in grub shell

root (hd2,1)  – just example of guid msdos(fat16) partition

setup (hd2,1)

then it will be displayed with pc_efi as foreign boot and entering it will load grub

So multiboot OSX/linux becomes real on guid/gpt !

P.S. to get foreign boot working u have to erase guid partition with msdos filesystem…

…then do whatever u want with content of partition, e.g. u can make reiserfs filesystem there

then install grub to it, and linux..

grub files from ubuntu7.10 –  ,
 unpack to PARTITION:/boot/


Pc_efi was fixed to allow you to boot any of your guid patitions (u can have up to 128 guid partitions on gpt drive)

The only known limitation for it – bootable partition have to be located under 2TB(yeah, TeraBytes) on disk.

(it’s bios limitation for lba disks), but any nonbootable partition have no limits.
fixed(since first time 7.1) boot0 now boots first hfs+ partition it can find on disk, e.g. if diskXs1 is EFI

partition for u, and diskXs2 e.g.

ntfs partition, and diskXs3 is e.g. hfs+ partition, then boot0 will start loading next stage bootlaoder

from diskXs3 (so pcefi and boot1 should be installed on this drive too) – it’s jsut Example.

If u had fixed 7.1 installed, then u only need to update pc_efi, if u had non-fixed 7.1 installed –

upgrade also boot0 (read page about guid)

Good luck, u can now have as much leoapards and tigers as u want, make a Zoo 😀

to find out it, look at 7.1 post

PC EFI v7.1

I just made boot0/boot1 to boot pc_efi from guid system (isntalled with startupfiletool)

it means, we can now boot pure guid hds, withut mbr diks

Current limitations: it can boot only first guid partition with  type hfs+ (maybe we need to make first partiton – small hfs+ partition with bootloader ?)

Info about it

Files was updated at 15:55 GMT 27/11. if u got it before – redownload

u can get files at / port 6667/ channel #leopard / link in topic

Source code for boot0/boot1h (asm)


First to say – Doesn’t use it with startupfiletool on mbr disks!

7.0 brings  support for guid partition table

current limitation  –  boot works only for first 4 partitions

any non-hfs+ patition will no be displayed(cause u can’t e.g. boot windows from gpt).

U can find it on irc as usual  – / port 6667 / channel #leopard / topic.

No comments.

PC_efi + guid partition table = LOVE now

I finaly made darwin bootloader to work with guid partition table, used in real macs

It means, we will be able to boot gpt soon 😉

PC EFI V 6.0

All info regarding this release is in readme.

Known to work cards, without natit – Radeon 2600 pro/XT and geforce 8800 GTS/GTX (will be shown as 8800 GTS@640, but will work fine anyway).

X1600 jsut confirmed to work with boot_x1600 and without natit ! – with dual screen support!

Also includes version for gma950 for desktop(doesn’t make gma950 to work) and gma950 for laptops (may work),  also included version for gf7(do not work yet, need dome modifications)

anyway, natit/titan/etc will overwrite values set by pcefi, so u can just adjust values, set by pc_efi with natit/titan/etc.

u can find it at here

Collecting some data from macs, for pc_efi.

I found out that we can get rid of natit in some situotions.

to make this i need some info from real macs

to get this info make next commans

ioreg -l -w0 -p IODeviceTree | grep device-properties > dump.txt

compress dump.txt , upload it and post link to file in comments.

That would help  a lot.

Thank u guys for dumps. I just made my 2600XT works without natit, with 10.5.1 atindrv ! 😀

All keys set by pc_Efi, woot.

Also we got GeForce 8800 GTS /GTX to work this way!

P.S. we already have this dumps from MBP with gf8600 (15″ and 17″) and from MacBook. do not post dumps from this systems.

News about Radeon 3870/3850 and OSX.

One of guys got 3870 card, so we started testing

So far we can’t get working framebuffer, ATY_Lamna.kext and ATY_Hypoprion.kext make

blue screen without mouse (but at 1680×1050, so fb works but then freezes) .

And about QE/CI,  patched ATIRadeonX2000.kext to support 3850/3870 is ready.

But this kext need working framebuffer (for noobs, framebuffer means u can change

resolution and etc) otherwise u will get distorted screen with symblols like “?”.

I posted here natit.kext for 3850/3870, with it u will need ATINDRV.kext from

leopard build 9a527.  It’s enough to start trying to get working framebuffer.


To try other framebuffers than ATY_Franklin.kext, change all Franklin words in 3800

entry, to Other framebuffer name (like Hypoprion or Lamna or Iago)  3 times.

Good luck, and this is not for noobs.

Little Apple’s oops

Apple updated all components of leopard to new look&feel, all but X11

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