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PS2 fix from def and Updates to faq.

David Eliot(def) made small kext which will fix ps2 devices with stock AppleACPIPlatform.kext

u can grab it here def page

so, ps2 users now can use it and make software update without much problems with ps2

faq for pc_efi at here updated with info about problems with c2d and intel-based mobos.

Leopard Virtualization. Help for companes

There is Companies like Vmware or Parallels, which wanna first to make platform for virtualizing Leopard on mac!

I can help such companies. I Have a code, ideas and knowledgements for this area to make this thing in few months or faster.

If u interested – contact me(better at

Dual screen with radeon hd 2600 and other Radeon hd news

2900XT workz !

THread with sshots

pkg for 2900/2600pro/XT (10.5.1) is on #radeonhd

Thx to lastExile for experiments.
we got dual-head screen working on radeon hd 2600

no dvi yet, we r working on it

how ?
just replace every Hypoprion word in Info.plist of natit with word Franklin

and get ATY_Franklin.kext from 9a527 leo build and copy iit to /S/L/E/ATINDRV.kext/Contents/Plugins
See screenshot

what it actualy means ?

second port works, and it can help lappies, since second one is a main one

Another news, 10.5.1 update brings new cards support by osx drivers.
Looking at atiradeonx2000.kext i wrote small program which checks devid of radeon hd card in same way as x2000.kext

example of using

$ ./radeonhd_checker 0x94c3
your card is 94C3
Radeon 2400 init :25edb
$ ./radeonhd_checker 0x9489
your card is 9489
BAD init (unsup card?) :25ab1
$ ./radeonhd_checker 0x9589
your card is 9589
Radeon 2600 pro/XT init :26041
$ ./radeonhd_checker 0x9400
your card is 9400
Radeon 2900 XT init

Bringing back the order in OSX86

Hey, we got famous. And with fame, good and bad things come, as always.

Since we started a lot of people became interested in our project, but very few know the spirit behind it.

We use our energies, time and money on OSX86 because we love computers. We love to make the impossible real, and we love to explore all the possibilities that modern informatics give us.

We are not, in any possible way, pirates, and we do condemn piracy of Apple products and software as much as Apple itself does.

Developers own legally bought copies of OSX, and so you all should. It costs much less than Windows and it is much better than Windows. Buy it and then play with it, this is the spirit of OSX86, learn about it, become a better person out of this experience!

From this moment forth, we will have a tighter grip onto our IRC channels, no more pirate links or pirate talk will EVER be tolerated. How you obtain your software is YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY of adult people.

Apple produces amazing software and amazing computers. Do yourself a favour and support them as we do.


Donations and Sse2 kernel, and sleep kernel

After many peoples asked how can they donate me.. i Created WebMonney account (since paypal doesn’t work for me)

purse: Z391700088836
paypal users can use e.g. this service

got so far 11.5$, need about 200$

Another news.
Thanks to Turbo , we now have source compiled ToH kernel with sse2 supports, which uses oui’s(modified semthex’s) emu.
Also u can find sse3/sse2(unversal) kernel which should be able to sleep(even on sse2) if ur hardware sllows to sleep with osx. this kernel can’t make speedstep. (all kernels works with 10.5 and 10.5.1)
kernels sits at #10.5 channel topic

Also, we r waiting for some Radeon 3850/3870 owners to try it with osx 😀

PC Efi v5.1

Main advantages of 5.1 – changed smbios kext, which will turn ur pc to a closed to real Mac Pro.
Also fixed multiboot, i forgot to remove hardcoded device . in 5.0 (about grub and bootloader)

#leopard at

10.5.1 and 10.4.11 r out! updated

U do not need to wait for kernels for it if u have c2d based cpu and pc_efi 😀

p.s. ati radeon hd users – backup atindrv.kext b4 udpating and restore it after finishing update (e.g. in single user mode)

p.p.s according to BorisBadenov, apple removed some devid from plists of new gfx kexts in 10.5.1, so jsut add ur devid to needed kext, to get back ur qe/ci

p.p.p.s u can grab compiled 10.5.1 kernel from #10.5 (speedstep/intel/amd/sse3)

PC efi V5.0 and first benefits of it.

This’s bugfix release.
– fixed amds finaly (thx to Dmitrik/Bronya) (amd works only with ToH’s kernel, and u should see efi entry in IODeviceTree then)
– fixed multiplier detection for intel cpus with multiplier > 15

that’s all.

p.s. u can find us at now, thx to TommyKnockers

p.p.s. fiels still at irc, #leopard

now about first benefits of pc_efi

intel users, with intel-chip based mobos and c2d-based cpus (and core duo and core solo) can install 10.4.11 updfate on their hacks without propblems, just make postupdate patching for ur hardware (e.g. applehda, or for ahci and etc), and u can use it and do not wait for patched kernels.

About using stock kernel and other.

The only reason to use stock kernel – if compiled is not ready yet, cause stock kernel doesn’t have support for non-c2d and non-intel mobos.
Another reason is that speedstep brakes sleep.

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