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ATI Radeon HD 3870/3850 WORKS in osx !!

w00t ?

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to get it working go to #radeonhd

in channel topic click on first two links, and install them both, then reboot….should works then

p.s. second link is only for 10.5.1/10.5.0 systems, 10.5.2 doesn’t need it.

p.p.s. for 3850 card solution is in changing devid in bios, modified bios is in comments

Good ATI HD news

I have finaly figured out why newer FrameBuffer drivers doesn’t work at all, reason is PowerPlay and powermanagement, disabling it makes newer framebuffer works.

Good news, fixed ATY_Triakis, now, with it, DVI and Dual monitors finaly works for 2600 cards !

also, that’s hope for 3870/3850 cards, testing in progress, stay tunned

Geforce 8800GT/GTS (g92) and 8600 works !

It works with 10.5.2

but u can use 10.5.2 nvidia kexts in 10.5.1, so will have little gui glitches

Few fun news and g92 news

After apple seeded 10.5.2 to adc, funny news come out.

e.g., there is mentions about RV770 video chip (amd/ati)…and…RS780 system chip with integrated video card

what does it mean ?


Also that kext mentiuoned abotu rv6xx, so maybe it’s hope for 3850/3870 cards.

Also, Dense jsut figured out there is g92 devid in new nvidia kexts

Util to work with gfxstring

After we did a lot of researching in this area, user matrix finaly wrote an app to convert gfxstring to plis and then back to gfxstring

it would help a lot of peoples


Simple forum added

To discus pc efi, gpt, multibooting and etc, we openned simple forum.


About gfx strings

GFX string is a hex dump of some OSDictionary

I’m not familar with CoreFoundition coding, so if somebody can write an app (console

app e.g.)

read such  string, convert it to array and fill OSDictionary var with it, then print all

values from it.

– U r welcome.


Changes since 7.4

now it supports both mbr and gpt(guid) partition tables (also Apple

Partition Map)

added device-properties string for x1600

P.S. boot0/boot1h is not hybrid


Main improvement; plugable videocards support

what does it mean ?

let’s open /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

after installing v.74 add one properties to that file

for example, find this entry



and add after it


73120….32000000 – is a long string which need for bootloader to make your gfx work without natit.

At this moment this string is ready for  radeon 2600XT/pro

strings for other cards will be added later, to this post.

Updated, strings for 8800GTS/GTX is here

if u don’t add device-properties key to Boot.plsit file then pc_efi will just ignore it.

u need just copypast string from file to space bettween <string> and </string>.

p.s. current limit for file size is 16384 bytes

p.p.s. gpt/mbr pc_efi is planning for future, so will be done soonly.

Multibooting Windows/OSX on guid.

Long waited solution 😀

To make it , need to use gptsync, i found binary for linux (from apt-get isntall refit)

Good luck with finding out binary for osx.

Ok, so, u need to sync your gpt table to mbr table, the only limitation – mbr can have only 4 entry for partitions,

and first entry will be used for guid protective entry (partition with type 0xEE)

So, u will have three partitions to install windows.

However installing windows will overwrite mbr boot sector (where u installed boot0),

so need to reinstall boot0 after it

So, u can have up to 128 guid partitions, but only first three (excluding efi partition)

will be windows-compatible

If windows knows about gpt (not xp, 2003sp1 knows guid e.g., or 64-bit xp, or vista),

then u can use other gpt partitions

for data,  u still can’t boot windows of it(diskXs2-4 – bootable for windows, diskXs5+ – not bootable).

pc_efi is able to boot windows bootloader from partition (chainloading).

Good luck.

Users posted gptsync for OSX in comments.

P.S. binary gptsync for linux I found – gptsync
P.P.S OSX will see drive ad guid still, after any changes to guid partition table, u need to resync it again.