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10.5.3 some news

Looking in kexts of 10.5.3 beta, i found it supports ATI Radeon 3650 and 34×0.

ATI RV635 Prototype OpenGL Engine

ATI RV620 Prototype OpenGL Engine

more news about it coming later.

No devid of 9600gt in nvdanv50hal kext.

Some info about MacPro’s 2600XT and possible powerplay support.

it maybe usefull information for owner of radeonhd 3800/2600 card with overheating problem.

after digging a bit i managed to open 2600XT mapro’s bios image in Radeon Bios Editor


and here is screenshot about supported state (which is for powerplay)

Free Image Hosting at

so idea is to try to edit Mhz for 2d state. good luck

Do it on your own risk.

New smbios with one important fix.

Some users reported me coreplayer doesn’t work on hacks

after investigating it a bit, I found it comes from smbios

exactly – the way how  IOPlatformSerialNumber is set.

now it’s fixed, u can grab kext here –

this also makes second life to work on hacks.

ahh…. u all will have same serial number with this kext (as with old one tho)

funny thing – some apps uses this values as user number.