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Latest videocards support status

it’s been long time since 10.5.2 udpate which bring support for many new videocards

So, what’s happens now?

latest nvidia gpus(gtx280/260, 9600gt) are supported in snow leopard wwdc build, but, those nvidia drivers is completly borked and not works with any nvidia gpu.

and 10.5.5 has no support for them

Now about so popular RV770 chips (Radeon HD 4850/4870), I personaly got 4850 and it’s wanderfull for it’s moneys.

no sign of support in snow leopard. But, 10.5.5 has new ati framebyffer driver (2d, res switching), called Megaladon,

which has a lot of functions to work with rv770, even some for rv730. so far it’s not working yet, gives black screen.

it’s better than screen with stripes , – Triakis.

so, 4850/4870 is NOT WORKING YET.

so, Apple, we want support for latest gpus  , kthx.