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set of legacy kexts for ich9/10

I took legacy kexts made by cyclonefr for ich9, added ich10 support and sharing them.

just put it to /Extra/Extensions.mkext and u can forget about orange icons with sata and ich9/10 problems.(like having to add device id or etc).

p.s. in case of pcefiv9. waht to do with those kexts ?

put them to /Extra/Extensions/ folder

run few commands:

sudo chown -R 0:0 /Extra/

sudo chmod -R 755 /Extra/

sudo kextcache -a i386 -m /Extra/Extensions.mkext /Extra/Extensions

sudo mv /Extra/Extensions /Extra/Extensions1

last command renamed Extensions folder, to make sure bootlaoder will load exactly mkext

Core I7 MacOSX benchmarks.

Some anonymous source suplied me with core i7 benchmarks on MacOSX

CPU is i7 920 with ddr3-1066 memory, cpux misidentified freq and multiplier for it, actualy it’s 2.66ghz and mutliplier is 20

cpux screenshot with i7

now the benchmarks itself, they are very impressive, looks like ddr3 tri-channel memory helps it a lot.


geekbench1 test

quad core penryn at 3.2ghz getting 421.5 points in same test, with ddr2-800 memory.

geekbench1 rosetta

gb rosetta i7

quad core penryn at 3.2 ghz getting 307.5 points in same test, with ddr2-800 memory.

xbench(no hdd test included):

xbench i7 results

same test with 3.2ghz c2q

P.S. voodoo 10.5.5 kernel was used

Preparing for 10.5.6 update.

Warning, this information is only for users who can use vanila kernel.

Next macosx update, 10.5.6, will require you to do few things before installing it.

First, you need to install pc evi v9 or any other boot-132 with mackerintel’s dsdt patcher.

if you had chameleon or etc, and have file named “boot” in root of your active partition, then just replace it with v9 or other bootloader.

second, very important, you need to generate fixed dsdt and place it to root of your osx partition (of the osx you will update).

TO do it use DSDT patcher from fassl .

if all went fine, then your 10.5.5 osx should be working still.

So now you can safely update to 10.5.6 , even no need to remove appleintelcpupowermanagement.ket durring installing, if dsdt patcher made it’s job good.

P.S. its better to remove appleintelcpu…kext after update is done, because it will heatup ur cpu

P.S.S. if you use /Extra mkext and placed dsmos/appledecrypt/etc there, then you dont need to edit any scripts after update is done and before reboot, so this update will go like on macs, if u made all preparations.

 IMPORTANT UPDATE: after fixing dsdt and before installing 10.5.6, you HAVE to install either PM disabler or Appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext from 10.5.5 here

otherwise u will have freeze durring installation, because new appleintelcpu… will get loaded, and this new kext isnt compatiblw with 10.5.5. 

What will be next macpro ?

Analizing some facts and files makes me believe apple will  use this videocard soon

ATI FirePro V5700 (FireGL)

and where it can be used ? only in macpro

p.s. still nothing about rv770 🙁