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9800 GTX for mac users.

A guide from MacPro user about how to get 9800GTX working in your macpro.

it’s using nvkush as keys injector, video proof included.

Snow kitty will like it

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Some facts about 10a222

Known facts is:

1) most userspace apps is 32/64-bits now, except safari and itunes

2) vanila kernel works on Core i7

3) there is a lot of 32/64-bit drivers now,  like ati drivers, but still some 32-bit only drivers, like nvidia drivers and atheros.

4) there is completly new framebuffer system for ati cards, one unified framebuffer kexts with plugins for specific models(they called ATIXXXXController.kext, XXXX is a card family)

5) ati 2600 and 3800 cards doesnt work with hardware acceleration(qe/ci/gl) on hacks

6) nvidia drivers support (in theory) new geforce gtx260/280 cards

this list is not complete.