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Warning, paragon ntfs isn’t safe.

I wanna warn you guys to do not use find cli utlity on ntfs partitions mounted with paragon ntfs drivers.

It killed ntfs partittions for me (not once, on different hdds), latest paragon drivers seems to be buggy.

In OSX you just cant enter to Partition after find worked some time.

Hah, found how nvidia SLI certification work.

After I decompiled some dsdt(one of acpi tables), I found out how nvidia sli certification for x58 works 🙂

they set SLIC key to PCI bridge, and WMI1 device with WMMX method which returns SLIC key

here it is, i changed some numbers with *

Scope (\_SB.PCI0)
Name (SLIC, Buffer (0x9E)
“************Genuine NVIDIA Certified SLI Ready Motherboard for GIGABYTE GA EX58UD******-Copyright 2008 NVIDIA Corporation All Rights Reserved-************(R)”

IIRC some grub versions can replace acpi tables on the fly, at least dsdt on gigabytes is in rewriteable memory area.

Flashing 4870 to work in MacPro

If you dont like minidisplay port or dont want to pay 3 times more for a card from apple, here is directions for how to get 4870 card working in macpro.

1) go to here and download file, and unpack it

2) backup rom of 4870 card, you can use latest gpu-z utiliy for it

3) flash  you 4870 card using dos usb stick and atiflash

atiflash.exe -p -fs -fp 0 4870.rom

I’m not going to explain how to do it, all info is available over net, use google.

4) install drivers pkg for 4800 from #radeonhd channel on (first link in topic)

after installing pkg remove /System/Library/Extensions/Natit.kext

5) reboot, should work just fine

Free Image Hosting at

both dvi ports works.
it was tested with standart card (2dvi and 1 svideo ports), nobody tested with nonstandart cards (with vga/hdmi/DP ports)
known problems : vga (with dvi2vga) doesnt work.

WARNING: I’m not responsable for any damage you can do to your system, Do it all at your own risk.

P.S. once you update to 10.5.7+ u can forget forever about step 4

MacPro’s 4870 clocks and info.

I dumped bios part of mac’s 4870 card from ioregistry dump and opened it in RBE, here is some screenshots showing clocks of card and other info, memeory is underclocked a bit.

A note about new macs (imac and macpro)

We got it.

New macs with new graphics cards (as expected) and new cpu.

but, is it realy new ?

GT120 which can be found in macpro and imac is rebranded(renamed) 9500GT (g96)

GT130 is rebranded(renamed) 9600GT(g94)

4870 for MacPro has one DVI and one displayport connections (doesnt sound good for hackintoshers)

4850 for iMac….. this leaves some hopes for good display detection in new drivers 🙂

Lets hunting for atindrv.kext and ioreg dump(ioreg -l -w0 > dump.txt) begin !

Some snow kitty screenshots ;)

This is two opengl extension viewer screen from user with gtx260 and snow leo.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

P.S. there is no dirvers for it for leopard, and it cant be backported from snowleo

Screen shakes fixes

Many of 4850 experience screen shakes with osx driver. Now, thanks to Majito,  we discovered why it happens.

This happens because of memory clock downscaling in 2d mode.(from 993 to 750 in my case)

so, there is 3 possible solutions:

1) Disable pwoerplay at all, here is pkg with natit which will do so

Natit no powerplay

Install it after installing pkg with drivers from irc

2) Edit bios to make mem clocks in 2d mode to match mem clocks in 3d mode, it’s a bit dangerous and not recomended  info about it can be found here Insanelymac thread

3) This way is only for 4850 atm. OSX drivers get information about clock speed from ATY,bin_image variable from ioregistry, normaly it has bios dump natit got from your card, but, we can replace this content with anything we want, so I put modified 4850 bios into natit and no shakes, i think powerplay is working for downscaling core clocks. You can get it here – Natit with 4850 bios inside , install it after installing driver pkg from irc. it’s like second case without actual flashing 🙂
The bios I used for it –4850 bios no shakes