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no comments until 10.5.7 release

Multiple ATI cards for OSX. final solution.

We finaly managed to fix aty_init (thx to Dong).

It works fine now, all automaticaly.

If you have multiple ati card which u want to work with OSX, follow next steps:

1) if you have identical cards (for example few 2600xt ) go to step 4)

2) if you have different cards (for example 2600xt and 4870), you need to figure out which card set as inital graphics port (card which gives you output on boot is most likely this one), then you need to dump bios for rest of cards.

3) add this dumped bios image as ATY,bin_image key(type – data), to corresponding section of natit’s Info.plist

3.5)the natit included into pkg already has bios images of 4850 and 4870, so if u have , for example 2600xt and 4870, and want to skip step 2 and 3, you just need to set 2600xt as inital graphics .

4)Install package and enjoy.

P.S. it helped MacPro to get 4870×2 working without flashing.

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more – here

P.P.S natit for 4870×2 for hackintoshes – here

GT200 soon for MacOSX.

Nvidia just announced new graphics card for Macs.

Quadro FX 4800 will arrive in May.

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lets see at specs of card : The Quadro FX 4800 is powered by 192 CUDA Parallel Processor Cores, 1.5GB memory size, 76.8G/s memory bandwidth, 150W power consumption and dual PCI slots.

It means it will be gt200(b) based card, so we will finaly get gt200 drivers for MacOSX.

on other hand, such memory memory bandwidth(compare to gtx260 with 448-bit memory bus and 111 G/s) .it will useĀ  384-bit (at 1600 Mhz ddr clocks) memory interface.

Nvidia, is it defected parts?

4870×2 and OSX

If you can get resolution change with 4800 pkg from irc, then you can get qe/ci now.

4870×2 needs fixed atiradeonx2000.kext

more – here

so, install 4800 pkg from irc and install fixed x2000.kext from link above.

Fresh news.

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Its about getting systems with two ati cards to work with both.

So, here is ATY_Init.kext(authors: Dong, thanoulas, netkas).

it allows to initiate second(third/forth) ati graphics card (>= hd2xxx)

how to make it working

boot single user

kextload natit (instead of kextloading natit, you can add it into Extra mkext)
kextload aty_init
kextunload aty_init
issues : if aty_init.kext wasnt kextunloaded, gui will not appear, need to find out why or make a workaround.

download – here

more here

Chameleon themes.

Fans created a lot of themes for chameleon already.

Here is screenshots of six of them.

get it here

get it here

get it here

get it here

get it here

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get it here

more here – themes