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GTX 285 and MacOSX Leopard

Finaly its working, almost an year after first gt200 cards was released

All GeForce GTX 2xx cards works so far

Injector from previous posts should support and identify all gt200/gt200b cards, use it and drivers pkg from #gt200 link in topic.

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New universal Injector for ati and nvidia, and multiple ati cards enabler.

This new kext, is natit and aty_init integrated into one, also added nvidia support and, most important for nvidia users – video ram size reading support.

The kext will get video ram size right from video card, for nvidia geforce8 series and higher.

It also supports reading bios right from ati cards, no more inserting bin_image for running multiple cards.

Also should work for MacPro ATI/Nvidia pc cards users (for example radeon 4890).

Status of card – beta, it works fine but needs some testing.

Since it’s no more just ati, it needs better name, wanna suggest some ?

P.S. not recomended to use with nvidia GF 5/6/7

installer – Link to pkg was udpated for better gt200 cards handling

Some thoughts about 4870

There is two types of radeon 4870 cards released, reference and non-reference (many designs).

Reference cards can be flashed with rom from Apple’s 4870 (Apple’s card is reference too, just with mdp added), and dual-dvi works there, however it may make some glitches in bootcamped windows.

Non-reference cards:

XFX HD4870 radeons known to work with dual-dvi with it’s own bin_image, so flashed XFX radeons 4870 works with dual-dvi just fine in MacPros.

Other non-reference cards can work only with one dvi connection, to fix it, MacPro users can use this mini-natit, it replaces bin_image in ioreg with proper one Mini-natit , but you will loose sleep, hibernation(aka deep sleep) will work fine.

Now about hackintoshers, XFX 4870 cards owners can try this natit (bin_image of apple’s 4870 was removed) Natit , and check dual-dvi and sleep.

If all works fine for you and you are happy with it, dont try it.

p.s. bin_image is dump of vga bios which will be inserted into IORegistry  to the card’s section

Clones, clones, clones….

Mac clones computers appearing this days very often.

They promise a lot – completly problems-free, updates support.

Its not true,  nothing can make pc’s absolutely compatible with osx, for example, applehda panic in 10.5.7, it was unpredictable, try to install snow leopard on clone-pc and on mac, and compare results, it’s good proof of what i’m telling.

Whatever they tell you about uber technologies, like bios replaced with efi, or special ICs on mainboards – it’s all marketing bullshit.

To boot unmodified osx on pc, you just need a proper bootloader, it can work on top of bios, like boot-132 based bootloaders, or it can work on top of bootable efi  enviroment (tianocore, still works on top of bios), like iphonetom’s booter. it can be installed to usb stick(chameleon with nice gui) or cd/dvd medium, but it’s still software-only solutions, it’s not genuine Apple’s bootloader, and it’s available for free.

If you like macs, buy  a mac, if you like pc and osx – build a hackintosh, clone makers fool you into thinking you buying a mac-compatible system.

Big radeonhd guide for 10.5.7

after you update to 10.5.7, if all works fine for you with raeonhd card – skip this tutorial

radeonhd 2×00 3×00 4870 4850 users just install this natit and enjoy – Natit pkg link

now about 48×0 users only:

Default natit posted above uses Motmot as framebuffer driver, Motmot known to have problems with powermanagement and memory clocks (results in screen shakes, affects only 4850/4830/4850×2), default natit has a workaround for this, for 4850 users.

There is another framebuffer for 48×0, called quail, it doesnt have screen shakes problem, but has less output capabilities on 4850/4830 (only secodn dvi port works as dvi, with patched quail) , here is natit which make use of Quail – Natit for Quail pkg link , use it as alternative for default natit, if Motmot has issues for you.

Now patched framebuffers: it’s patched Motmot and Quail to get rid of dvi2vga dongle trick (or hdmi2dvi + dvi2vga on some cards),
the package called “Patched framebuffers for 48×0 and 3870×2” – recomended for 4850×2/4850/4830/ 4870 with hdmi/DP/VGA outputs

Patched ATIRadeonX2000.kext, for exotic cards like – 4830 4890 4870×2 4850×2 3870×2 , to get QE/CI , its called “QE_CI_Exotic_cards”

ATI_init pkg for MacPro users(4890 4870×2 will need the file above also, natit inside) – ATI init pkg link , two pkgs, that’s all you need.

Last thing, 3870×2 users – install default natit, patched framebuffers pkg(only if you dont have ATY_Triakis.kext installed yet) and patched ATIRadeonX2000 pkg.

Pkg with patched files available at irc:// #radeonhd channel, first link in topic

P.S. for dummies, for 4890 and 4870×2 you need to install default natit and patched ATIRadeonX2000.kext pkgs

for 4830/4850×2 you need either default natit , patched X2000.kext  and patched framebuffer,  or quail_natit , patched x2000.kext and patched framebuffers.

MacOSX 10.5.7 released

Apple just released 10.5.7 update for OSX.

to update, you can you old manual : manual

or shorter way:

1) make sure you have dsmos/appledecrypt and appleintelcpupm disabler kexts installed to /Extra

2) update

ich10r users – you dont need legacy kexts for ich10/ahci anymore, 10.5.7 supports ich10r out of box (since new macpros has ich10r), need only legacy ahciblockstorage, to fix orange icons.

Important notice, legacyhda may not work with newer applehda.kext from 10.5.7, you will need either make sure you legacyhda works with 10.5.7 or use applehda.kext from 10.5.6 (alc889a legacyhda from stickpin and friends need to be updated)

Radeonhd 4830/4890/4870×2 users – dont update yet, i will provide a manual for 48×0 series tomorrow.

its common instructions, you still need to carry abotu whatever custom drivers you have.

if  you use chameleon, or other bootloader with smbios replacement support, better to make identify of your machine to be some imac or something else, MacPro4,1 identify may result in kernel panic, or you need to remove AppleTyMCEDriver.kext with this script, durring installation :

while sleep 1 ; do rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleTyMCEDriver.kext ; done

Good luck updating.