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Latest and greatest PC_EFI, based on chameleon2

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patches added for better snow leo compatibility,

they include: emulating 64-bit efi pages, removed setting IODT://options by bootloader, changed smth in hibernate, for better ati compatibility (wasnt tested yet), by default it boots 64-bit snow leo kernel on 64-bit cpus, flag -x32 will force loading 32-bit kernel

known issues: boot stalls if DSDT.aml isn’t present.

bootloader –

sources –

to install on system with installed chameleon2 just replace boot file with the one provided here, otherwise follow chameleon2 installation guide.

Apple, You said 2g hardware doesnt support mms?

Smells like a marketing bullshit, because it works, with stock mms/sms app 🙂

GTX 285 flash success.

The Rominator just finished experiments with flashing pc gtx285 with mac’s rom.

good news – it works, link speed is 5 GT/s (pcie 2.0), unlike 2.5 GT/s on flashed 4870 🙁

bad news – you need some soldering, because size of mac rom is 156kb, but size of typical pc gtx285 rom chip -128kb, so need to replace it with 256k rom chip before flashing.

more info and screenshots here – at macrumors forum

How to fight error 1600 with iphoneos3.0 , pwned ipsw and restore process, and smth else

I used this step many times today and it always worked, so i’m going to share it with you.

if your iphone stuck booting at apple logo and doesnt detected by system, then the guide for you

0) remove folder /Users/<user name/Library/iTunes/Device Support

1) close itunes

2) run pwnagetool

3) press DFU button in pwnage tool

4) pwnagetool asks you to power on iphone, but you hold Power and Home for ten sec, then release power and hold only home for another 10 secs, then release home

5) pwnage tool detected your iphone powered up

6) pwnagetool asks to to power off iphone, but you hold Power and Home for 6 secs, then release both power and home

7) pwnagetool detected iphone was powered off, now jsut follow pwnagetool insruction to enter dfu mode

8) enter dfu mode with pwnagetool hints

9) close pwnagetool

10) open itunes, itunes can crash on start – rerun itunes, if itunes stuck crashed – reboot pc (but do not  unplug the phone), after reboot just run itunes

11) option-restore iphone with custom ipsw.

also, iphoneos 3.0 has own version of libs like libxml2, libxslt, and if u install those libs from repo you will have to restore, but many apps depends on those libs, what to do ?

for libxml2 – dload deb pkg, copy it to iphone into /var/root folder , ssh into iphone and do this commands

cd /usr/lib/
cp libxml2.2.dylib libxml2.2.dylib_old
dpkg -i /var/root/libxml2_2.6.32-5_iphoneos-arm.deb
rm libxml2.2.dylib
cp libxml2.2.dylib_old libxml2.2.dylib
rm libxml2.dylib
ln -s libxml2.2.dylib libxml2.dylib

cydia bans such pkgs like libxml2 to appear on list, but apps still depends on it and dont want to install

after running those commands, you can install appbackup from cydia

Warning, icy 1.4.1 doesnt ban those pkg and can install them, killing iphoneos this way.

This time jailbreak came very dirty, installing any app from repo can kill OS.

GTX 2xx drivers from EVGA site

This updated drivers work better than the one from quadro4800 disk

the link to them – on evga site

pkg has internal check for computer model (macpro3,1 and macpro4,1)

but did it ever stop somebody ? 😉

fixed pkg linl in comments

New bootloader.

Recently found new bootloader, based on boot-132, somewhere from china.

It has close to bootcamp gui, nice animation  and ablity to be installed to efi partition, it has own cdrom driver – insanelymac thread

it means ability to boot vanilla dvd with bootloader installed to usb stick or efi partition.

from comments:

it do have a build-in cdrom driver.
Here is a demo shows usb stick boot and retail dvd install.

Updated injector(nvidia side)

Recently updated a bit aty_init, fixed few things on nvidia side:

– if video ram was detected as 0, kext will use vram size value from plist

– kext has few nvcaps hardcoded, for different geforce cards types, if you unhappy with it, just add own NVCAP to plist, kext will use it instead of hardcoded one

P.S. now gtx285 works fine on macpro

Link to kext – here

Sometimes kthe kext gets installed with wrong permissions(it will results in panic in nvdaresman), to fix it, boot single user mode and run this commands
mount -uw /
chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions/ATY_Init.kext
chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/ATY_Init.kext

for some reason, this doesnt work with macpro and 4890, so use exisiting solution.

GTX 260/285/275 on MacPro

Tired of waiting for GTX285 mac edition to appear?

you can try it already on MacPro, you will need:

1) working efi nvidia card (7300gt/8800gt/gt120), ati might work too

2) some gtx 2xx card you wanna get working

3) install Injector pkg – link

4) do not reboot after previous step, and install drivers from quadro 4800 disk (you can find them in irc , #gt200 channel, link in topic)

5) now reboot.

if you are lucky enough, you will get this, some minor glitches yet, like wrong ram size(working on it), but it works:

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