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fix for Acer laptops

Some acer laptops (5920 for example) freezes sometimes durring osx boot, before root partition mounted.

It seems to be caused by AppleUSBUHCI.kext

and here is how to fix it:

1) open this file /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBUHCI.kext/Contents/Info.plist (you need root rights to edit this file)

2) find this text there :


and replace it with

<string>Safe Boot</string>

3) run this command to update caches

sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext /System/Library/Extensions

4) done

Apple “Releases” 10.6 sources

Apple released some sources of SnowLeopard 1OSX 10.6

Snow Leopard sources

No XNU(kernel) sources this time.

Cmon Apple, dont play like in Tiger times, releasing kernel sources will not increase hackintoshes amount anyway.

At least there is sources of some kexts, for those who needs some kexts with fixes.

OpenCL and SnowLeopard

Now about openCL technology in snowleopard:

there is two types of opencl devices available to system in SL, it’s CPU and GPU

CPU is most feature rich device and exist on all macs/hacks with SL installed.

[Device 1]
Name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9450 @ 2.66GHz
Vendor: Intel
Type: CPU
Device Version: OpenCL 1.0
Driver Version: 1.0
Compute Units: 4
Work Group Size: 1
Clock: 3072 MHz
Global Memory (Total): 6400 MB
Global Memory (Host): 6144 MB
Global Memory (PCIe): 256 MB
Local Memory: 16 KB
Cache Size: 6144 KB
Cache Line Size: 64 Bytes
Available: Yes
Double-Precision: Yes

Second Possible OpenCL device is GPU, opencl supported on almost all nvidia gpus with unified shaders architecture, so its all geforce8+

Radeon side is poor, only radeon hd 48×0 cards support OpenCL in SL.

Name: Radeon HD 4870
Vendor: AMD
Type: GPU
Device Version: OpenCL 1.0
Driver Version: 1.0
Compute Units: 4
Work Group Size: 1024
Clock: 750 MHz
Global Memory: 128 MB
Local Memory: 16 KB
Cache Size: 0 KB
Cache Line Size: 128 Bytes
Available: Yes
Double-Precision: No

All info you see here(clocks, memory, etc) is hardcoded in ATIRadeonX2000GLDriver.bundle.

There is 3 device types hardcoded in file – radeon hd 4870 (used also for 4830 and 4850),
mobility radeon hd 4850 (used in imacs), and RV790 (hd 4890).

Radeond OpenCL support is very poor, only few of many apple’s opencl demo run on it, this opencl banchmark will result in errors in graphics driver and graphics will stop working untill reboot. the error was due to benchmark used too much local memory(driver should handle that and not just stop gpu), and results is that 4870 is 1.5  times faster than c2q 3ghz, but 15 times slower than gtx285

No OpenCL support in intel graphics.

Good luck with openCL.

Updated FakeSMC

A new release of fakesmc contains improvements:

  • Proper error handling when requested smc key isn’t found in database
  • If requested smc key isn’t found in database, fakesmc will drop warning about it into dmesg with information about length of requested key, usefull for debug of apps which reads some smc keys
  • fixed timeout delay on restart/shutdown (added keys LSOF and LSSB)

source – , snowleopard kext –, leopard kext –

If you use opengaltrestart or other reboot/shutdown fixers, then u still need to use it with fakesmc.

p.s. this doesnt work well with voodoo kernel, because voodoo kernel blocks Dont steal mac os.kext, so you need to use dsmos/appledecrypt anyway

FakeSMC – opensource smc emulator.

FakeSMC.kext is opensource smc emulator for macosx.

It emulates SMC device, smc shows no errors at start (unlike with other emus).

It’s opensource, so you can add another keys to smc keys list, in order to help to improve osx86.

Here is version compiled for SnowLeopard 32/64 , can be installed to Extra or /S/L/E

a version for leopard – fakesmc.kext

And here is sources

emulated smc

p.s. uninstall dsmos.kext before using it

p.p.s. a links was updated (once) to correct smc-version detection, now it shows up in system profiler, in hardware overview

4890 4870×2 4830 and SL

A pkg with patch for qe/ci support on SnowLeopard for those cards: 4830 4870×2 4890

also addes dev-ids for those into ATI4800Controller.kext plist

Link to pkgs

Why Nvidia drivers suck.

Update : 190.62 drivers fixed noone of these issues

A little offtopic

I’m so tired of this shity nvidia drivers.

I have a laptop with nvidia card, g84 based, and I cant use any drivers newer than 182 series, because of three annoying bugs, which many users reported, but nvidia doesnt want to fix them.

here they are:

1) annoying screen flickering, you can see it in this short video:

2) gpu always uses highest clocks, sometime lowering for a second into low-3d clocks, never uses 2d clocks as it should, compare,  left – 190.38 drivers, right – 182.52 drivers

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

3) hdmi audio doesnt work, I can choose it in sound manager, I can see there it used, but no real sound output.

same attitude with all desktop drivers 185 186 190 and with mobile drivers 186.

Not going to buy anything nvidia anymore.

SnowLeopard and ATI

Going to share my expirience with ATI cards in  SnowLeopard

2600PRO/XT and 3870 known to have problems with qe/ci/opengl, you need to remove ATIRadeonX2000.kext to get at least resolution change working.

4850/4870/4870×2/4890 works (4890 needs patched x2000.kext for qe/ci/ogl), just need to add dev-id into ATI4800Controller.kext.

this list will be updated when more tests will be done.

SnowLeopard and 64-bit.

It looks like not all users understand  about 64-bit support in snow leopard.

So, here is how it works:

on all Macs, except xserve, system boots by default 32-bit kernel.

This kernel can run 64-bit apps justs fine on core 2/core i7 based cpuz.

64-bit kernel works only on macs with 64-bit efi, this is limitation set by Apple,

technicaly 64-bit kernel can be launched by 32-bit efi just fine.

also Apple disabled 64-bit kernel support for any macbooks, even  with 64-bit efi.

64-bit Kernel can run both 32 and 64 bit apps.

On hackintosh only cpus with ssse3 can run 64-bit kernel/apps, its core2/corei7 based cpus.

if kernel is 64-bit, then it can load only 64-bit kexts.

if kernel is 32-bit, then it can load only 32-bit kexts.

Userspace program cant load plugins with other architecture, for example menumeters will work only when you booted legacy, so menubar created by 32-bit application.

Quicktime uses InterProcess Communications(IPC) to load 32-bit codecs in 64-bit player.

64-bit safari uses IPC to load 32-bit flash player plugin.

To try to boot x86_64 kernel on Macintosh,  edit this file:


find there:

<key>Kernel Flags</key>

and change it to

<key>Kernel Flags</key>

dsmos for snowleopard

This updated dsmos works same way as previous one, but now it can be installed to /Extra or to /S/L/E

And no need in scripts, it will have to be customized for future kernels before using with them, so dont update to 10.6.1 without updating kext;)

It works with 10a421 and 10a432(GoldMaster), can be used to boot dvd using boot-132 cd/dvd method.

good luck –

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