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Intel ATA support for Snow Leopard

Default AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext makes kernel panic in snowleopard.

here is 32/64-bit kext to make ata work in snow leopard.

just install to /Extra and enjoy.

second ata controller (sata ports 5 and 6) doesnt work in this release.

link to kext

P.S. usefull for ICH6/7/8/9/10 with ahci disabled and for lappies – many of them have dvd drive attached to ide connector.

10.5.8 HD4890 and QE/CI

For 10.5.8 and qe/ci support on 4830 4870×2 3870×2 and 4890 you need patched ATIRadeonX2000.kext

actualy new one doesnt have any important difference, just few strings changed, so you can use the one you used for 10.5.7

But if you care, here is new one patched – .

Good luck.

10.5.8 Update Released.

How to update:

install Disabler.kext

install this dsmos.kext ( a bit updated to be present in mkext)


create backup of Extensions folder. just in case:

sudo cp -rf /System/Library/Extensions /System/Library/Extensions_old

update !

good luck

if smth wrong with your drivers after update – u have a backup 😉

some info:

for radeon hd 48×0 users, binary of Motmot wasnt updated, so if u used patched framebuffers, should work fine still.

for radeonhd 4870×2 4890 4830 users – you will loose qe/ci/3d after update, wait for proper patch.

dont remove AppleIntelCPUPM.kext until install finished, or it will stop with error.

After update done, and you have rebooted twice, remove Disabler.kext and AppleIntelCPUPowe….kext

PC EFI V10.2 beta

PC EFI is a bootloader based on chameleon2 source code, v 10.3 brings one new feature, a cd/dvd-rom reading driver for ide mode(compatibe/legacy and enchanced/native).

The driver based on mindrvr from

it doesn’t work with ahci(it will not detect dvd drives in ahci mode, hard drives still work fine).

it’s beta, so its only for testing, driver may not work for you.

known issues: sata ports 5-6 doesnt work, so I disabled scanning of those.

plz test it if you can, in different configurations, and send feedbacks.

if it freezes at black screen with white text , before gui appears, make a camshot of it and post in comments, with you configuration (mobo model, which ports connect to device(which device)).

here is how it works for me, video was a bit edited to make it less booring.

link to bootloader –

link to sources –

to install v10.2 – if you dont have pcefi v10.x or Chameleon2RC1 installed yet, download and install Chameleon2RC1 (not RC2)
then just replace old boot file with new one.

so far it was tested only with some intel controllers, wasnt tested with ite/jmicron/nvidia/amd controllers

You absolutely need to insert a mac os x install dvd when trying it, if you want dvd icon to appear in gui.

Thanks to fassl for support.

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