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Found this link, translated to en – DUBL extracted

original in russian – кишки dubl

There is complete content of DUBL, including kexts.

lets see what is the DUBL, it’s clearly see that it is boot-132 based bootloader, which is under APSL, so, psys<whatever>, where is sources ?

here is some strings that matched in boot-132 based pc-efi(u can check any other boot-132 based booter like Chameleon, boot-think) and DUBL(filename – cdboot):

Memory allocation error (0x%x, 0x%x)

whole blocks:

VESA v%d.%d %d%s (%s)
Video modes supported:
Mode %x: %dx%dx%d mm:%d attr:%x
(Press a key to continue…)
Graphics Mode
Text Mode

kernel compression is bad
size mismatch from lzss: %x
adler mismatch

Scanning device %x…
CD-ROM Prompt
Press any key to start up from CD-ROM, or press F8 to enter startup options.
CD-ROM Option Key
Press any key to enter startup options.
keys to select the startup volume.

BIOS reported memory ranges:
Base 0x%08x%08x,
length 0x%08x%08x, type %d

Resetting BIOS device %xh
raw disk read not sector aligned
Block %d Sectors %d
raw disk write not sector aligned
EBIOS write error: %s


I hope this is enough, because there is much more.

Lets look at 4670 in iMacs.

Radeonhd 4670 in Imacs is mobility card, its clock speed is 680 for core, 790 (1580) for memory.

Desktop’s 4670 card have 750/800, core clock of desktop 4650 – 600.

So performance should be between desktop’s 4650 and 4670.

Here is table with clocks in all states for this card.

Free Image Hosting at

Btw, framebuffer is Shrike;)

Parasites, such parasites.

You all know who I’m talking about.

Drivers for Radeons 46×0/45×0/43×0

Latest 10.6.2 update have drivers for 46×0 45×0 43×0 card and we jsut made it to work.

You will need – a beta booter with GraphicsEnabler support for those card and drivers for osx (can find in #radeonhd topic)

4650 – add devid into ATIRadeonX2000.kext after installing drivers, and remember to add your device-id to ATI4600Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext after updating to 10.6.2 in future.
4670 doesnt need adding devid to kexts.

4350 – add devid into ATIRadeonX2000.kext after installing drivers, and remember to add your device-id to ATI4500Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext after updating to 10.6.2 in future.

P.S. screenshots from 4650 card with DVI display, hdmi didnt work. VGA wasn’t tested, mobility wasnt tested too
P.S.S. this is only for snow leopard.

Ohai Atheros

Image Hosted by

Latest 10.6.2 beta has kext named AirportAtheros21.kext, just add there your dev-id, test and check if it works, devid = 0013 works.

Also its possible to use old kext for 32-bit and new for 64-bit automaticaly.

PC EFI v10.5

New in release:

  • Automatic detection of pci root uid value(for GraphicsEnabler and ethernetbuiltin options) based on parsing DSDT.aml file (if you dont use custom DSDT.aml, you will need to use -pci1 flag in case you have uid=1) . If booter fails to detect it or you dont have _UID property in pci root(in dsdt) then UID=0 used by default, but, if you have UID=1 and booter fails to detect it, use -pci1 boot flag. Uid detection works really well in most cases.
  • Added aserebln’s patch for better cpu type detection, for example I dont need to add SMcputype key anymore
  • Better handling of pci slot names if nvidia card present

Zipped booter – link1 link2(mirror)


More information and installation instructions here.

HPETDevice kext

This kext creates HPET device in ioreg, so you dont need(if you need) to edit DSDT to get it.

Originaly I created this kext for myself, because if HPET was enabled in DSDT then my pci wifi device was loosing interrupt and wasnt working, so this kext is workaround for it.

You can use it if you want to get HPET device in ioreg and are lazy to edit DSDT.

by default it uses these parametrs for HPET device (in Info.plist):


which correspond to this:

Memory32Fixed (ReadWrite,
0xFED00000, // Address Base
0x00000400, // Address Length

I dont recommend editing irq :).

The kext, for use with snow leopard:

Leopard version

PC EFI V10.4.1

New version of chameleon based booter includes these new abilities:

  • GraphicsEnabler now supports Radeon hd 2/3 series too, but only for Leopard
  • GraphicsEnabler now set up bin_image property for all radeon hd cards found in system, should fix 100% fan speed issue.
  • You can tell GraphicsEnabler(GE) to use custom version of bios(for overcloking/changing fan speed/ etc). Use option -useatirom, and GE will look for bios files in /Extra folder (from root and boot partitions, Extra from root partition has more priority). Place bios files to Extra folder and rename them to this format – ati_XXXX_YYYY.rom, where XXXX – devid, and YYYY – vendor-id, for example rom file for 4850 should be named – ati_9442_1002.rom.
  • 3rd party sm_cpu_type patch added (well, doesnt work for me anyway) and 3d party patch to fix hibernation.
  • Proper enumerating of all pci ethernet/video devices
  • Fixed few typos
  • Support for radeon hd 4730 (rv770 based card) added to GE, the card wasn’t tested tho
  • Support for multiple Radeon hd 48×0 cards in SnowLeopard
  • Added GE support for 2600 and 3870 in snowleopard, need to remove x2000.kext to get reschange, other pre-4xxx cards need to be tested yet

Installation – make sure you have chameleon2 installed, then replace boot file in boot partition with this one – boot_10.4.1

Sources – Chameleon-2.0-RC3-r658-src_PCEFIV10.4-src.tar.bz2

Also, legacyAti4800Controller kext, to forget about adding dev-id to that kext after every update – kext, use in mkext in /Extra/

p.s. Updated Graphics Enabler now works with 10.6.2 and ati 48×0 gpus.

Good news for some macbooks

There is good news for owners of macbooks with intel graphics and 64-bit efi, who was successfull to enable 64-bit.

10.6.2 beta has 64-bit drivers for all intel igp’s used in macs.

OpenCL works better on rv770 in 10.6.2

After installing ATI kexts and OpenCL/OpenGL frameworks from new 10.6.2 beta its possibly to use now Galaxies demo, also now we have more compute units (4->10)

[Platform 0]
Name: Apple
Vendor: Apple
Version: OpenCL 1.0 (Sep 29 2009 21:45:56)

2 OpenCL devices found!

[Device 0]
Name: Radeon HD 4870
Vendor: AMD
Type: GPU
Device Version: OpenCL 1.0
Driver Version: 1.0
Compute Units: 10

Free Image Hosting at

also bandwidth increased few times

/Developer/GPU Computing/OpenCL/bin/darwin/release/oclBandwidthTest Starting…

Running on…

Device Radeon HD 4870

Quick Mode
Host to Device Bandwidth for Pageable memory, direct access

Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s)
33554432 4619.7

Quick Mode
Device to Host Bandwidth for Pageable memory, direct access

Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s)
33554432 4955.3

Quick Mode
Device to Device Bandwidth

Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s)
33554432 19711.7


p.s. not recomended for users who need qe_ci_exotic