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10.6.3 OpenGL regressions.

Phoronix posted interesting article about opengl performance decreases in 10.6.3 comparing to 10.6.2.

Just one graph from there:

It’s nvidia 9400m.

MacOSX 10.6.3 released

How to update – it’s easy.

Use any disabler for AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext, for example – NullCPUPM.kext, install it to Extra mkext and reboot, of course if you made AppleIntelCPUPM to speedstep your cpu, you can skip this step.

Make backup of your kexts, you might need some.

Remove SleepEnabler.kext if you use it, this is very important step, old sleepenabler + new kernel = panic.

Hit the update button, if you need to edit some kexts AFTER update and BEFORE reboot – download and install update from apple site.

After reboot – re-add your device-ids to kexts where you need it and enjoy.

known issues:

  • readeon 4830/4850 – new framebuffer has same problem as leopard’s – inability to work without dvi2vga dongle in second port, to fix it – use 10.6.2 framebuffer, to do it – make backups of the following kexts before update:ATI4800Controller.kext

    Restore there kexts from backup after update and before reboot, or, if you already rebooted after update – use dvi2vga dongle to get display, and replace those files.

  • Backup AppleHDA.kext before update, you might need the old one after update if sound will not work. alc889a known to work ok with 10.6.3
  • GMA kexts is 32-bit only again

10.6.3 exotic patch pkg, finaly fixed (13:50 GMT, 30 March) – QE CI Exotic cards 10.6.3.pkg

Ok, so first version of pkg was messed up for MacPro+4890 because it had included 10.6.2 FrameBuffer, now it doesn’t have it, so should work fine. A little fix if you installed previous version of pkg and have some visual glitches on osx startup (like colored screen) – fix.pkg

Small file-server update

Somebody(a Macpro owner with pc gtx260) said rapidshare links to Enabler_for_Nvidia_and_multiple_ATI_cards.pkg were dead.

So now this pkg is located on our file server –


CPU-X is on that server now too –

post in comments what else RS link from my blog is dead, I will try to host it on

Also added page with listing of all files on server, it’s here.