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About new MacPros

Looking forward to get rom dumps of macpro’s 5870 and 5770, so we can make custom roms for 5750 5770 5850 and 5870 for use in MacPro.

having fun with iphun

Unjailbroken iphone4 running cydia app ControlPad

Unjailbroken iphone runs iFile, and /etc/fstab opened to proove root fs is ro.

funny, isn’t it ?

p.s. that’s not my fingers 😛

Let the octopus Paul predict whether there is a higgs boson. So they can save money on the LHC :D.

Running ipad app on i4

iphone4 can run some ipad apps, example is on video

the iphone4 wasnt jailbroken, so don’t ask me for jb or anything

Guess what?

sys profiler
gl scores
gl scores
gl scores
and here is from REAL macpro

gl scores

5850/5870 confirmed working
5970 works after adding devid into ati5000controller.kext
5770 works, but need both dvi to be connected to display.
5750 – same as 5770, need to add dev-id to ati5000controller.kext
for 57×0 it worth to try Eulemur Vervet as framebuffer (edit plist), default one is Uakari

Vervet seems to support dual dvi on 57×0

Things you need to test it:
aty_init from here (works only on hackintoshes, not macpro, macpro discussion still going on macrumors) , the kext is 32-bit only for the moment

unpack and install both at time, then reboot and pray, cards to test so far – 5850/5870/5970.

consider this as beta

things to keep in mind – disable graphicsenabler, boot in 32-bit kernel mode.

QE_CI exotic cards patch for 10.6.4

Due to me having not enough time and Apple/amd removing r600 (hd2900) support from kext it took longer than usualy.

But it is, should work now.

dont forget to uncheck ati4800controller option if you use framebuffer from previous osx versions.

FIXED 64-bit mode, it was typo, sry.

btw, versions for 10.6.2/10.6.3, just in case, are here

Device-id of all nvidia fermi products

Looking at these nvidia osx drivers with fermi support we can find out device-id of all possible nvidia fermi-based cards

so it is:

0x06C0-0x06DF – gf100 cards

rest is unknown family
0x0DC0 – 0x0DFF
0x0E20 – 0x0E3F – GF104 (gtx460 – 0x0E22)
0x0EE0 – 0x0EFF
0x0F00 – 0x0F3F