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New fermi drivers for osx

According to nvidia we should see some new fermi drivers for osx soon

an here it is – link

MacOSX 10.6.5 released

Apple released new osx udpate (yeah I know, I’m a bit late, thanks to guys discovered ps3 psn hack)

to update use any update guide for snow leopard ( )

What’s new:
exfat support
Old 10.6.2 ati framebuffer will not work with 10.6.5, but new, 10.6.5 ati framebuffer seems to work fine, at least for my 4850


Some news about 10.6.6 and App Store

Here is screenshot f 10.6.6 update pkg.

And what we can see, there is CommerceKit.framework

So here is my guess – it will not be like ios app store, where apps is encrypted and only buyer can decrypt it and then run.

It will be more like a Steam, where all apps depends on library which provides authorization for user to run the app.