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64-bit aty_init for lion

32/64-bit aty_init, works for lion, seems to work for snow too, no atombios routines, so only single card systems supported.

It’s beta

btw, fakesmc works fine.

Sorry guys, They fail.


mkay, from x2000gldriver:

ATI Technologies Inc.
2.1 ATI-7.0.52
3.2 ATI-7.0.52

also, 32-bit kernel doesn’t seem to use pae, only 3.25 gb of mem available. out of 8gb

Wtf is HermitCrabs?

from ioreg dump, iodt, lion, single user mode

| +-o platform
| {
| “name” = <"platform">
| “FSBFrequency” =
| “HermitCrabs” = <00000000000000000000...16 mb of nulls

what’s new in lion kernel, for osx86 developer’s

  • Bootargs version = 2, revision =0
  • new boot_args struct, needs new boot.h from 10.7 sdk

How lion installation works

When u run install app from dmg, in your installed osx, it copies all pkgs and basesystem.dmg to target volume, and blesses it, no actual installation done.

Then, when u boot from target volume, it actualy boots from basesystem.dmg, then starts install.

But basesystem.pkg in just few mbs now, wtf?

It copies parts of mounted basesystem.dmg to a (target) volume.

after installation done, it removes basesystem.dmg and pkgs.

so, here is first reason why chameleon cant handle it, no support for booting from a file (with root fs).

Lion is on the way, woohooo

>Lion requires hardware with a Core 2 Duo processor or better.

A lot of apps are sandboxed.

OpenGL 3.2 support

install disc dmg is 3.6 gb

it has ATI6000Controller.kext

Darwin Kernel Version 11.0.0: Sat Feb 19 19:31:06 PST 2011; root:xnu-1699.21.15~1/RELEASE_I386

Current chameleon booter cant boot it, and its not simple bootargs version number check.

No more ppc code, so no rosetta.

so far best way to run it seems to be vmware fusion.

On the mac’s fermi ROM


From Rominator

fermi mac