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Lion dp2

New fat file format, as well as new macho file format, kernel can’t be parsed by existing chameleon/boot.efi(dp1’s)/ida

sry, i’ve got shitty binary, just some changes to boot-args, according to new boot.h

Chameleon I released early still can boot dp2, still same random df panic.

They removed AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext , dp1’s works fine tho

The way to update from dp1 to dp2:

1) expand basesystem.dmg to some free partition

2) install fakesmc.kext (and some other u need) to /S/L/E of expanded partition, delete /S/L/Caches folder

3) copy Packages folder from InstallESD.dmg to /S/Installation folder

4) remove checks from OSInstall.mpkg

5) boot from partition with some efi booted and update

this is not noob friendly guide, so plz no questions on it.

Lion seems to have fermi drivers now, with this list of supported cards:


10.6.7 and QE/CI patch for radeons

Sorry, I’m a bit late, was out of city for some time.

Updating to 10.6.7 is as simple as previous one.

QE/CI patch for some radeons of 4xxx series is here

ati 6870 and OSX

According to The Rominator, radeon 6870 works fine in snowleopard (and in MacPro too, just no boot screen), if you use ati drivers from 10.6.6 mbp dvd (ati6000controller.kext atisupport.kext atiframebuffer.kext).

All 4 ports work, even DP, no need for injector.

More news on Lion and ATI

Just got passive minidp-dvi adapter, and test 5870 eyefinity.

Every port works (all 6) with single display configuration, can’t test multi display due to just one adapter.

No injector needed for hackint0sh. For MacPro you don’t need second card with efi, just plug the card and boot macpro, no output until os booted, but then it works. (Thanks to The Rominator for tests).

2 Gb of Ram is perfectly detected and working. OpenCL works.

Second news is – you can use Lion’s framebuffer drivers in Snow Leo, just copy ATIFrameBuffer.kext ATISupport.kext and all ATIXXXXController.kext from Lion to Snow and Enjoy.

Don’t forget to disable any injector, if your ATI card works in Lion without injector.

So, currently 5870 Eyefinity works fine in Lion and SnowLeo.

Screen Shot 2011-03-08 at 20.22.20

According to The Rominator’s tests, only passive mdp-dvi works for now, in single link mode (limitation of passive mode), and native DVI ports works of course.

some usefull info from amd site:

Passive dongles use the DisplayPort connection to receive non-DP signaling from the connector and they ‘passively’ adjust the signals to be compliant with the connected monitor. Passive dongles are considered legacy connections, not DisplayPort connections, therefore they do not fulfill the DisplayPort connection requirement mentioned previously and cannot be used to enable 3 or more displays. They do, however, offer an affordable solution to adapt legacy displays to DisplayPort connections.

Active dongles use true DisplayPort signaling to ‘actively’ translate and re-transmit the signals as the required outputs. Because they use the true DisplayPort signaling, they are considered a DisplayPort connection and meet the requirements to enable 3 or more displays.

About Chameleon and Lion

PCEFI 10.6 can be compiled just fine with new boot.h from Lion’s SDK, it allows it to boot lion’s kernel just fine, pass kexts to it and etc, but then kernel has double fault, in one of its many threads, so its very hard to track down.

Here is the sorry, wrong file, will uplaod proper one in a few if you want, but keep in mind, it DOES NOT WORK with snow leopard.

Not sharing sources because its same as 10.6.

Now about possible reasons for panic, it’s:

  • Not new format of passing kext/mkext to kernel, I compiled snow leopard kernel with new boot.h (so new boot_args, everything else is old), new boot.efi can boot it just fine, as well as booter I posted before.
  • Not new devicetree format, same reason as above.

There is actualy not much reason which can cause double fault, so feel free to investigate 😛

Thanks to cparm for idea about kernelcache, here is booter for lion which will use kernelcache if u specify option -usecache

They way you will be able to boot Lion, but double fault seems to happen sometimes still (like if you use Wait=y argument, it will DF)

Binary and Sources (fixed kernelcache/prelink detection)

No /Extra mkext/kexts if kernelcache used. and this booter doesnt work with snowleopard

If getting DF – try to boot Snow with old chameleon, then reboot and boot lion with new, sometimes helps

device-properties doesn’t seem to work.

Lion, ATI and EyeFinity

Some interesting new about lion and ATI

ATIXXXXController now sets keys for videocard itself, if none present. so far worked for 4870, 5750, 5870, but not 4850.

no aty_init or any other injectors needed at all

Another new, here on sshots, ATI 5870 Eyefinity card, drivers detected all 6 outputs, sadly I dont have any minidp-dvi adapters to try outputs (used second card to boot Lion)

Снимок экрана 2011-03-05 в 19.51.50

Снимок экрана 2011-03-05 в 19.49.27

If any of you have 5870 eyefinity card, adapters and Lion installed – go try it, no matter its PC or MacPro

Fermi and Lion

Apple didn’t include Fermi drivers in Lion DP (Shame!!)

But, with nvidia’s Fermi drivers you can get resolution change working, just copy NVDAResman.kext and NVDAFG100hal.kext from nvidia drivers into /S/L/E/ of Lion, and remove GeForce.kext from /S/L/E/

That’s all, you will not get QE/CI because

a) Lion’s GeForce.kext doesn’t properly work with Fermi and snow’s nvdaresman (from nvidia drivers)

b) Lion’s GeForceGLDriver.bundle doesn’t work with GeForce.kext from nvidia drivers, and

c) Snow’s GeForceGLDriver.bundle (from nvidia drivers) can’t be used in Lion.

ATY_Init i posted earlier supports it just fine

Apple is so Apple

In last few weeks they dumped:

  • core duo macs – no lion for them (but, maybe can be fixed with editing PlatformSupport.plist, wasnt tested yet)
  • iphone 3g and second gen ipod touch dumped in ios4.3 (they dumped original iphone and ipod touch in ios 4.0)
  • no new imovie for ipad 1(iphone4 is getting it tho), heh.

a way to stimulate sales ?

On opengl3,2

With this attributes:

NSOpenGLPixelFormatAttribute attributes [] = {
NSOpenGLPFAOpenGLProfile, NSOpenGLProfileVersion3_2Core,
NSOpenGLPFADoubleBuffer, // double buffered
NSOpenGLPFADepthSize, (NSOpenGLPixelFormatAttribute)16, // 16 bit depth buffer

GL_VERSION = “3.2 ATI-7.0.52”
GL_RENDERER= “ATI Radeon HD 4850 PRO OpenGL Engine”