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New Lion update

New Lion Update is in Software Update.

New – no more bsod icon for non-apple displays

no new dev-ids in nvidia drivers (about gtx500 series)

No more sliding tab bars

To get back OpenCL on gf100 gpus, replace GeForceGLDriver.bundle with one form previous update

Fixed booter for Lion

It seems all you need for Lion to boot successfully on boot-132 is masking interrupts before running kernel.

It was found and fixed by cparm, but now he left the scene and allowed to release anything he made.

Here is updated pcefi and sources, no more double fault panic, you can find the fix in boot.c

Can boot only Lion, -usecache can be used to speed up booting, but works fine without it too.

About possible 3200×2000 apple displays.

As Tuaw pointed out Mac OS X Lion might support 3200 x 2000 pixels screens (it’s still far away from iphone4’s retina display pixel density), but what is technical possibilities of it?

So far, the only interface which could support such resolution is DisplayPort 1.2, which maximum is 3840 х 2400 @ 60 hz.

The only video cards to support DP1,2 is AMD’s Cayman (69×0), Barts (68×0, 6790), Turks (6570/6670) and Caicos (6450).

None of them officialy supports more the 2560×1600 tho, but maybe amd can write special drivers for apple, who knows..

Also, I doubt that Turks or Caicos can works well with 3d stuff at 3200×2000 resolution, they are just too weak for it.

Cayman is too hot and power hungry for macs (imacs probably this time ?). So, maybe it will be Barts. We will not see new AMD/NVIDIA cards until Q3/Q4 anyway.

New lion build

– Expose on Fermi is fixed

New Opengl exts viewer

Screen Shot 2011-04-12 at 15.00.04
Screen Shot 2011-04-12 at 14.59.43
Screen Shot 2011-04-12 at 14.59.55

GTX 570 works in Lion DP2

The Rominator just reported that GTX570 works in Lion DP2 (and most likely gtx580 too).
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All you need is adding dev-id into Infi.plist of NVDAGF100Hal.kext and injector of your choice

Some 3d glitches, but gtx480 has some 3d glitches in Lion DP2 too.

Some gfx benches

Wanted to compare quality of nvidia/ati drivers in osx, here is results:

Test setup – 10.6.7 OSX, nvidia drivers – latest nvidia drivers for mac from nvidia site (256.01.00f03), C2Q @ 3GHz, 8GB ram

Used cs:source from steam, custom demo.

Settings – 1680×1050, all settings maxed + 4xMSAA + vsync off


GTX285 – 134.32 fps (something wrong with drivers in some moments of demo, really it has much better fps)
8800gt 1gb – 167.39 fps
4850 – 184.58 fps
GTX480 – 217.12 fps
5870 2gb – 228.75 fps

Updated pcefi for lion

New beta for Lion.

new in this update:

  • board-id spoof patch from cparm to make dp2 installer work without patching OSInstall.mpkg, add SMboardproduct to smbios.plist with proper board-id, e.g. Mac-F42C88C8
  • backported fermi injector support from rc5, patch from cmf.
  • rooting via chosen

This supports booting Lion only, but you can easily backport it for snowleopard.

Binary and Sources

p.s. don’t forget -usecache

About no-injection method on ATI’s

for Lion, mbp’s 10.6.7 ati framebuffer drivers, when no keys set for radeon card, atiframebuffer.kext defaults to RadeonFramebuffer (instead of things like Motmot, Hypoprion and etc we used in the past) these apps stop working:

DVD Player
Steam games
Cider based games
Wrapper games
Star Wars The Force Unleashed

But, when I set keys for radeon card (Zonalis FB for 5870 eyefinity for example), then these apps works fine again, with exactly same drivers.

Just a hint.

Fermi and Lion

Using aty_init I posted earlier.

Now somebody tell me how to enable clock throttling on nvidia cards in Macosx, or I will have to go back to 5870 where its done by driver itself.