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What is 6970M and 6770M

These new imacs has gpus – 6970M, 6770M, 6750M.

what is these 6970M and 6770M you may wonder.

6970M is basicaly same as 6850, blackcomb xt with 960 vliw5 shaders, has uvd3 and dp1.2 support, which could be used for 3200×2000 display in future. Clocks – 680/900

6770M is same as 6670: 480 shaders, uvd3, DP1.2. Clocks – 725/800.

6750M is 6770M with lower core clocks – 600 mhz

Not that impressive for desktop computer.

So this means no proper support for Cayman GPUs yet – the true 6970 card.

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