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10.7.2 beta

Nothing to see here guys, same ati driver as in mba2011’s distro and, it seems, same nvidia driver as in mba2011’s distro

[OffTopic] celeron for 1366, lol

did you know ?

a celeron cpu for lga1366 😀

Minor fix for aty_init

Fixed typo with 5750/5770 cards causing them to not be injected.


2011 MBA/MacMini is 10.7 build 11A2063

Anyone wanna support us with ati and nvidia kexts from 2011 MBA/MacMini ?

same problems for 6970 as in 10A511, nothing new.

Lion sources

Apple released some sources of osx lion, link.

OpenGL extension viewer 4.0

It seems real tech vr submitted glview 4.0 for lion to mac app store.

Lion gone gold, 11A511

  • 6970 support is same (very poor)
  • Fermi still needs patch to get opencl working
  • opengl 3.2 doesn’t work yet in glview, either its not enabled or bug of glview

qe_ci patch for Lion GM – removed, discuss here