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RomCreator for ATI/AMD cards.


Just select where you want to get bios rom from – card or file

then press – select bios rom to confirm selection or select bios rom file

then select efi rom and press “create rom” to save your created rom

if some errors occurs, you will see it in error log.

Link to app –

efi roms you can get here – efi roms

Dumping is only possible if you use native drivers, dont use it with aty_init, risking to get bad rom.

Also, don’t use with card which has MCuC section, like radeons 4xxx

Flashing does nothing for hackint0sh, its for MacPro only.

Lion 11C43

Radeon 6970 still doesn’t work.

However there are some little changes, using Duckweed (not Gibba) framebuffer now solves freeze at white screen at boot, mouse pointer appears, however further we have ASIC hang and gpu stops working normally.

With Gibba framebuffer, gui just freezes at white screen and if you do ioreg -l via ssh, output will freeze at ATIRadeonX3000, so it doesn’t even get to the point where ASIC hangs.

However it’s solvable if you remove ATIRadeonX3000GLDriver.bundle, but we don’t want to miss hardware acceleration.

Apple released 10.7.1 sources

Well, actualy the only updated sources are xnu kernel and mdnsresponder, rest is from 10.7.0

You can find it here –

Much faster hibernate wakeup

Use this script to get faster hibernate wakeup time

pmset -a hibernatemode 29

system will dump many of inactive apps to swap before dumping memory to sleepimage file, so wakeup goes much faster.

Converting MacPro1,1 to MacPro2,1

A user of our forum, who released update utility to convert MacPro4,1 into MacPro5,1 (so you can your hexacore cpus in it) have released update utility to transform MacPro1,1 into MacPro2,1.

It will not bring you 64-bit efi support, maybe will make you feel newer.

10.7.1 qe/ci exotic patch

Sorry for delay guys, been busy.

Update, fixed version uploaded.

64-bit efi rom for 6870

We’ve done it again, 64-bit efi rom for 6870 for MacPro3,1 and later.

It gives boot screen !

head over to this thread for more info – link

In short, what works: any connection on upper ports(4 ports in line), any allowed combination of them(max 2 legacy (dvi/hdmi, 1 vga)) connections – dl-dvi on dvi port, sl-dvi on hdmi/dvi/mdp(with passive adapters), vga on dvi port with adapter, hdmi on hdmi port. Mdp ports work fine with active adapters or native DP displays. Lower DVI doesnt work at all.

Maximum – 4 screens. For example, if you use active adapters, it can be 3 dl-dvi displays and one sl-dvi.

Bootscreen appears if only one dvi display connected to upper dvi connector (single or dual link).

Steam/dvd player work fine.


Update updates kernel, graphics drivers, applehda.

Not hard update to install.

For GF100 opencl still need to use this patch.

Using acer crystaleye webcam in facetime/photobooth/skype

talking about camera – Product ID: 0xa101. Vendor ID: 0x064e (Suyin Corporation). to. CODE

the main problem with this cam in osx is its default 320×240 resolution, where osx wants 640×480 cam
it’s a bit tricky but works.

1) install this modified AnV’s kext and reboot, it will make camera looks like iSight for osx
2) install the app CameraControl (Link at end of post), I found it on this page and modified for our purpose.
3) now launch photobooth/facetime/skype (video settings for skype) and you will see app trying to open camera. Now quickly run CameraControl andyou will get your video in photobooth/facetime/skype.
4) Close CameraControl before or after you close your main Application.

This works also in ichat and quicktime.

The Application and Sources

[OT]OpenSource linux drivers progress

I’m just amazed how far linux opensource radeon driver got so far.

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