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An ATI “Update”

Last three 10.7.2 beta builds has same ATI drivers version, so no changes for 69×0.

So, it’s likely we will not see anything new untill 10.7.3.

Apple is never adding support for new cards durring beta tests of one osx version.(all betas of same build have same graphics cards support).

A couple Mac EFI news

A user of our forum MacEfiRom released a couple of tools for macs:

1) Upgrade utility to upgrade imac4,1 firmware to imac5,1, this allows you to upgrade imac4,1 with core2duo cpu and install more than 2GB memory, so you can install and use Lion on it
2) Upgrade utility to upgrade 2006 MacPro1,1 with firmware of MacPro2,1, this brings support for some CPUs to MP1,1
3) Tutorial for installing Chameleon on a Mac, so you can boot 64-bit kernel on a Mac with 32-bit efi and 64-bit cpu.

Efi rom for 6970

You now can flash 6970 for macpro 3,1+, to get boot screen and almost working driver in Lion.

to get it you need to

1) install “standart” package from here – link.

2) switch off macpro, install 6970, boot(it will freeze at white/gray screen), reset(reset, not pweroff), boot to desktop

3) use RomCreator and get efi rom for 6970 or 6950 from this thread, then create hybrid rom and flash it in dos with atiflash and -f flag

4) enjoy

freeze might happen on cold start, reset if happens. another way – start up windows via bootcamp on cold start, then reboot into osx.

Got 6970 working!

It’s only for Lion.

Small how-to
1) get 10.7.2 11C48 beta (from for example)
2) Install all ati kexts from update with pacifist (or install whole update)
3) download this file – removed and copy it to this folder – /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX3000GLDriver.bundle/Contents/MacOS/
4) install aty_init if you dont want dvd payer/steam/etc to crash (not for macpro). – removed

there is still few small glitches (MSAA crashes driver, opencl doesnt work) here and there.

if it stops at gray screen, reset computer, happens sometimes.

What the … ?

That’s what parallels 7 showed after installing parallels tools for mac inside VM.

So, their innovations is to sell open source software(Chameleon) ?

hm, mkay, sorry guys, no fun –

Some comment from Parallels, not sure if it’s true, ip is from Seattle .

Hi all – we wanted share an official statement from Parallels Inc. on the use of Chameleon in Parallels Desktop 7:

The Chameleon 2.0-RC2 code which we use is licensed under the terms of an Apple Public Source License. On the Parallels third-party code use page ( we explain the use of the Chameleon project code. As per the license rules, we’re preparing our sources for publication and will provide them around the time of our official product availability.

If you have any additional questions, please send an email to

Running osx lion inside parallels 7

Parallels 7 won’t launch lion guest on hackintosh.

to fix it run this command

sudo nvram 8BE4DF61-93CA-11d2-AA0D-00E098032B8C:BootCurrent=1