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Finaly got 6870 working with vidock

So far, the only way to run external ATI with your lappy is to use “native” drivers, aka don’t do any init with graphicsEnabler or aty_init.
So, I removed aty_init.
Then to keep internal nvidia card initialized by graphicsEnabler and not the external gpu – plug in external gpu to expresscard port only when chameleon gui shows up on the screen, this way graphicsEnabler will ignore external gpu.
There is probably a better way to do this, like changing aty_init matching to only init internal card.

The bug is – card’s being shown as Posted one and it’s not, so I found a workaround for it. Use chameleon, boot with card plugged in and with UseAtiROM=y Wait=y ( with proper rom placed at proper name in /Extra), once it says – Press any key to continue, replug the card and press any key. It will boot fine.
Anyway, card works, no microfreezes like with external nvidia card, and since its “native” drivers – bai bai steam. steam works.

Need to reduce memory size from 3gb to 2gb and to not use DIY vidock egpu setup tool.
Also, sleep works.
Some screenshots:

Doubts on 6970 future in OSX

According to latest leaks 6950/6970(Cayman) gonna be the only cards with VLIW4 arch. And since Apple never used and most likely will never use vliw4 cards, we may end up with no Cayman support in osx drivers at all( with patches – on incomplete level). It can be 4890 story all over again.