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New nVidia drivers for Lion

gtx580 support out of the box –

and just one string i found in gldriver – KeplerDecisionMaker (has also FermiDecisionMaker)

Far less than what we see for tahiti in amd drivers tho.

But main thing about this driver is ability to work without injector/graphicsEnabler (thx to our forum members for figuring it out) , and its fine for dual-dvi cards.

So nVidia cards works without efi rom or aty_init on macpros now, just plug it in, just no boot screen.

And 6970 on 10.8 DP1

Following the pref news of how well ML now runs, a sshot of 6970 working in ML on my lappy with vidock setup:

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And a patched x3000.kext (ungzip, binary goes into ATIRadeonX3000.kext/Contents/MacOS/) to fix panic caused by iTunes :  


These of you who are stuck at [PCI Configuration begin/end] and npci=0x3000 doesnt help, you had to use 10.6.7 IOPCIFamily and AppleACPIPlatform, and can’t try Mountain Dew Lion.

Well, no more.

I ported IOPCIFamily-115 kext to work with new AppleACPIPlatform.

So, you can use it and no need to replace AppleACPIPlatform with old one, a bit better then having to replace both. Here is a link to a kext and sources –

Also, here is version for Mountain Lion, which allowed my lappy to boot 10.8 –

(both versions include fixes for ethernet and wifi on laptops lacking iomap addresses)

Cayman works natively in 10.8

6970 and 6950 works fine in OSX 10.8, woohoo.

more here

And the efi rom I made for it in august make 6970 work just fine!

New signs of upcoming 7900/7800/7700 drivers

From 10.8 DP1 ATIRadeonX3000.kext:

0116610 T _Cail_CapeVerde_InitializePowerGating
00116485 T _Cail_CapeVerde_PowerGatingControl
00115f62 T _Cail_CapeVerde_SetUvdPowerGating
0026a770 d _Pitcairn_HwConstants
0026a7d0 d _Pitcairn_RLC

as well as Tahiti functions.
It’s not the complete driver yet, but signs of something being cooked.

Also, X1000 drivers are absent now and x2000/x3000 drivers is 32 and 64-bit still.

QE/CI patch for 4890&co

A patch for sone exotic 48xx series cards to get qe/ci.

Also working on a cayman patch, anyone have original and patched x3000.kext for cayman (to fix itunes causing kernel panic) for 10.7.1or 10.7.2 ?

10.7.3 osx

10.7.3 is out as you know, will try to make my usual patches as soon as I can.