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Sneak peak into future amd cards

According to the opensource 7xx0 linux drivers part that AMD released today, we will see mobile amd videocards based on pitcairn (78×0) and cape verde (77×0) video cards.

Maybe for new imac ? 😀

Also, the codename of graphics core of trinity apu is gonna be ARUBA, and it’s gonna be VLIW4 just like Cayman with devid range 0x9900-0x990f and 0x9990-0x9994.

Updated IOPCIFamily for Mountain Lion

It’s an old IOPCIFamily upgraded to work with new AppleACPIPlatform and Mountain Lion, as I described ealier.

Updated it to fix missing symbols for dp2 wifi drivers and applethunderbolt kexts.

Sources and Binaries

Mountain Lion DP2 drops 32-bit kernel support

The kernel and most kexts is 64-bit only now, only few kexts left with 32-bit partm like ati and nvidia framebuffer, ACPIPlatform and appleHDA. full list here –

Old mac users (with 64-bit cpus buts 32-bit efi) may try to run ML on their macs using chameleon (forum thread about it) or try to use DP1’s kernel and Extensions folder.

No support for AMD Radeon 7xx0 cads yet

No Kepler nvidia drivers yet, but more things of driver being developing.

We finaly got a bench

Unigine heaven 3.0 support osx 10.7+

Finally something to put pressure on cayman in 10.8