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10.8.2 update for new macs

Apple posted Mountain Lion update for new macs (new imac, macmini, 13″ rmbp), which was shipped with custom 10.8.1.

The update is 10.8.2 with very fresh video drivers.

Nvidia drivers – 304.10.20f04

AMD drivers has acceleration support for 7xxx series (in amdRadeonAccelerator.kext), but no framebuffer driver for these cards.

P.S. no good news for 6970.

About new imacs

The high end new imac has geforce gtx 675MX/680MX which is based on same core as gtx680 (gk104), just with less shaders (960/1536), so:

1) its gonna be beast mac, especialy 680mx, it’s just like desktop’s gtx680, just with lower clocks, ultimate gaming All-In-One computer
2) we will have better gtx670/gtx680 support

[offtopic] ubuntu 12.10

Nouveau doesn’t work on macpro.

Cool update guys, going right way ! ….highway to hell…..