Why Nvidia drivers suck.

Update : 190.62 drivers fixed noone of these issues

A little offtopic

I’m so tired of this shity nvidia drivers.

I have a laptop with nvidia card, g84 based, and I cant use any drivers newer than 182 series, because of three annoying bugs, which many users reported, but nvidia doesnt want to fix them.

here they are:

1) annoying screen flickering, you can see it in this short video:

2) gpu always uses highest clocks, sometime lowering for a second into low-3d clocks, never uses 2d clocks as it should, compare, Β left – 190.38 drivers, right – 182.52 drivers

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3) hdmi audio doesnt work, I can choose it in sound manager, I can see there it used, but no real sound output.

same attitude with all desktop drivers 185 186 190 and with mobile drivers 186.

Not going to buy anything nvidia anymore.


  1. David
    August 17th, 2009 | 3:56 pm

    After the shitty thing with PhysX and the damn NVIDIA “buying” software houses like Rocksteady Studios (the one that made Batman Arkham Asylum), I just hate NVIDIA so much. It’s a shame how NVIDIA has injected so much money in the development of Batman for PC and the DAMN GAME doesn’t support A SIMPLE THING LIKE ANTI-ALIASING on Radeon cards. Oh! Yeah! Anti-Aliasing is such a technology that only NVIDIA masters. :rolleyes:
    I remeber when ATI launched the HD4850 to attack directly the 9800GTX (not +) with a price in the range of 9800GT. lol

  2. lastExile
    August 17th, 2009 | 5:04 pm

    hehe πŸ™ thats a weird bug that needs to be hammered down with a extremely huge hammer πŸ˜€

  3. Ego
    August 17th, 2009 | 11:23 pm

    I’ve never had any of those issues on my desktop builds. I stick with Nvidia simply because I hate ATI drivers

  4. Paul
    August 18th, 2009 | 2:26 am

    Your problem number one is exactly what I have too!
    I need to switch OFF and switch ON my monitor again, and… no problem after that… strange! I have the last EVGA driver + Enabler on my hackintosh (GTX260).

  5. Bryan
    August 18th, 2009 | 5:23 am

    g92 seems fine in leopard and seven. hopefully this gets fixed

  6. mark
    August 18th, 2009 | 8:34 am

    haven’t any problem with compatible desktop nvidia,neither mac or pc.

  7. Yolanda
    August 18th, 2009 | 9:48 am

    I have EVGA driver + Enabler on my hackintosh with GTX 295 and haven’t any problems.

    ////i am talking here about windows drivers if u didnt notice

  8. Paul
    August 18th, 2009 | 8:21 pm

    And for information, I also have sometimes this on Windows 7 (same computer), but not often.

  9. keypox
    August 19th, 2009 | 2:27 am

    Ohh no, dont stop supporting us with nvidia. I had a 4850 and 4870, but hte linux and mac drivers sucked.

    Nvidida 260 is great, dual monitor and sleep all that good stuff. Hoping for the same with snow.

  10. Scalar
    August 19th, 2009 | 9:33 am

    In my experience downclocking of Nvidia’s drivers is an issue if it detects an HDMI port. The ‘simplest’ way to disable it is to keep the offending monitor (the one being seen as an HDTV) disabled until you need it, you can see 2d clocks drop immediately.

    Seems to me like this is a carryover from the ‘media center’ and is present in both Nvidia’s & ATI’s drivers at times (it has happened to me with both.) I think it’s because the HTPC cards for ‘media center’ applications came along with post g92 with the real introduction of the power saving modes but the cards are so lackluster in performance otherwise. Basically it keeps an HDTV connected via HDMI at ‘full’ 3d speed or at least reduced 3d speed (instead of 2d speeds) so that you can start a movie without any hiccups. It’s dumb and it takes a bit of fiddling (or a DVI cable) to bypass this if you’re experiencing it with an LCD (get windows to recognized it properly as an LCD instead of HDTV).

    Windows7 seems more susceptible to this than Xp/Vista but it seems to have gone away for me using gt200b cards (GTX260 55nm & GTX285 55nm in late 180’s and 190’s). My older 9800GTX and below (8800gt etc, g92 and before) never downclocked properly anyway so I’m not sure how the GTS250’s will fare (same as the 9800GTX but perhaps they have tweaked the core to support the low power modes better.) Ie, it seems to hit different chipsets in different driver builds (check guru3d forums for people complaining about it.)

    As for the “HDMI audio passthrough” feature, I’m assuming you connected the hdmi connector on the graphics card to a header for your audio cards (whether onboard or creative labs etc)? It’s basically just a SPDIF passthru connection (electrical, not optical spdif.) This also breaks for ATI cards but usually it’s the soundcard’s fault (hence creative & realtek etc having an optional install for ATI HDMI passthru.)

    ///its laptop, all is connected inside of it, all this 3 isssues isnt present in 182.52 (and older) driver

  11. Scalar
    August 19th, 2009 | 9:44 am

    I forgot to post about the ‘screen flicker’, that’s actually possibly a bad chip and relates to the failed process issues they had during the g80 (and possibly up to g92) series of gpu’s. There’s a lot of finger pointing at nvidia for making the wrong ‘choice’ in taking too long to migrate to the eutectic solder (referred to as solder ‘bumps’ in a lot of the coverage) but given the issues they had with TSMC in the past I can’t say I blame them for the problem itself, only for their dishonesty in not admitting to the process issues based on the number of failing parts in the field. Of course noone knows the full story behind the scenes, it’s entirely possible that TSMC warned them to move the to the eutectic process when ATI did and Nvidia ignored the warnings.

    In any case, I pretty much assume all g84/g86 based cards to be defective (will skip them) including a period of time for the Macbook Pro. Inquirer was quite vocal about this, and though not everyone believed them (due to typical Nvidia bashing across the board) with that particular issue they seemed to be pretty solidly on top of the problem:

  12. VultU
    August 19th, 2009 | 1:56 pm

    Hi Netkas,

    I would like to know what video card you recommend?

    I have a 9400 GT at the moment, I have these problems but is ok, farly easy to configure using EFI string.

  13. Scalar
    August 19th, 2009 | 4:08 pm

    It just occured to me, one thing you can try for the HDMI related power saving issues, open up the monitors UI panel and look for DDC/CI, then disable it.

  14. August 19th, 2009 | 10:14 pm

    i have been seeing piles of these OEM 8600 GT cards in bubble wrap for 50 bucks each, at microcenter.

    I bought one, its got the g84 chip, it seems alot better then the xfx 8600 gt i had a while back.

    My wife has a 9600gt zotac. it’s a screamer.

    I must admit if your name is netkas, and you are like ” the man ” with nvidia on the mac side, but cant even get your hardware to work right with windows something that is completely mainstream, would be kind of disappointing, because you have no control and are solely at the mercy of some over paid SW engineer to make it work.

    i left windows in the dust with 10.4.0
    thank goodness for 82945G it really gave the community a great kick start.

  15. iPhoneTom
    August 21st, 2009 | 6:15 am

    Always the same shit from NVIDIA. Pretty good HW, but damn crappy drivers

  16. scoco
    August 22nd, 2009 | 6:15 am

    NV fanboys

  17. kirasir
    August 22nd, 2009 | 10:03 am

    NiBiToR in your hands. AMD shit

  18. nax
    August 24th, 2009 | 9:31 pm

    You are not supposed to use these newer drivers. You fail.

  19. lamune
    August 29th, 2009 | 1:30 am

    yeah netkas, u tell em

    nvidia drivers for win 7 is absolute shit
    lcd scaling options do not work at all, i had to roll back and use 182.5

  20. September 20th, 2009 | 7:31 pm

    […] this […]

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