Apple forbidding other OSes?

Just updated to Mojave Beta2 on some 15″ mac book pro 2017 (with touchbar) and found out unpleasant thing.
Mac firmware was updated and mac efi now refuses to boot into efi shell (bootx64.efi file located on efi partition in /EFI/BOOT folder), it was working fine before update.

Either it’s some error or Apple is forcing signature check on efi boot file now (boot.efi and apfs.efi already has signatures)

Bootpicker sees the EFI_BOOT record, but choosing it results in booting macos, further investigation shows mac efi won’t even trying to run custom bootloader, its entry point is never called.

UPDATE: probably a bug, placing efi shell to /usr/standalone/i386/boot.efi location and using system prefs to reboot into target volume (which will rebless the partition) helped to get efi shell booted. no sig check obviously.

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