Found this link, translated to en – DUBL extracted

original in russian – кишки dubl

There is complete content of DUBL, including kexts.

lets see what is the DUBL, it’s clearly see that it is boot-132 based bootloader, which is under APSL, so, psys<whatever>, where is sources ?

here is some strings that matched in boot-132 based pc-efi(u can check any other boot-132 based booter like Chameleon, boot-think) and DUBL(filename – cdboot):

Memory allocation error (0x%x, 0x%x)

whole blocks:

VESA v%d.%d %d%s (%s)
Video modes supported:
Mode %x: %dx%dx%d mm:%d attr:%x
(Press a key to continue…)
Graphics Mode
Text Mode

kernel compression is bad
size mismatch from lzss: %x
adler mismatch

Scanning device %x…
CD-ROM Prompt
Press any key to start up from CD-ROM, or press F8 to enter startup options.
CD-ROM Option Key
Press any key to enter startup options.
keys to select the startup volume.

BIOS reported memory ranges:
Base 0x%08x%08x,
length 0x%08x%08x, type %d

Resetting BIOS device %xh
raw disk read not sector aligned
Block %d Sectors %d
raw disk write not sector aligned
EBIOS write error: %s


I hope this is enough, because there is much more.

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