10.4.10 and leopard sources released. new 10.4.10 kernel

After apple released sources for 10.4.10 and leopard, we can enjoy it with 10.4.10 Universal speedstep kernel !

All files(kernel and acpithrotle.kext(by prasys)) on irc as usual


  1. sam1232008
    December 8th, 2008 | 10:46 am

    It could be great if I can run MAC in PC.

  2. gygabyte666
    July 9th, 2009 | 6:31 am

    Hello netkas,

    I don’t know if you even check things this far back and I would have much preferred to contact you via email but I couldn’t find one.

    I have a problem i’ve been working on for about a week and a half now. I have been trying to get 10.4.10 Tiger running on an Intel Atom based netbook with a GMA950 graphics chip. This machine already has Leopard running and fully up-to-date 10.5.7 with everything working via vanilla kernel.

    I was just looking for some help on this issue. I took pictures with my camera of exactly what happens during verbose boot and I just can’t understand it to be able to fix it. It seems that when it finds the boot device (external usb hdd) it just hangs at ‘BSD root disk2s3 etc, the hdd still spins but the lights no longer blink. I’ve tried everything I know how to get it to just simply boot but I haven’t had success with it. I have tried numerous different Tiger disks, both MBR and GUID partitioning, different drivers, different kernels, but nothing. I was hoping you could potentially help me out as I really want to get this working on here, I know it can run it I just can’t get past the hanging issue. As mentioned, I have pics I would like to send to you to possibly give you a better idea of what is happening.

    Anyway please get back to me ASAP if you can spare a moment, I would greatly appreciate it. Just in case, my email is: and please feel free to contact me there if needed.

    Thank you so much,

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