Guide: extracting dev_flash from firmware update.

With recent release of geohot’s depkg its now easy for everyone to extract content of dev_flash and dev_flash3 from ps3 update pup file.

get files first –  ps3 pup unpacker, depkg

extract and compile depkg.c (linux/osx/windows+cygwin):

gcc ./depkg.c -o depkg -lz -lssl

then extract PS3UPDAT.PUP with pup unpacker, find File_7.tar in extracted folder, untar it to new folder, you will get a lot of pkgs there and dev_flash files.

enter dir with extracted files, copy compiled depkg to it and run this bash script:

for i in `ls dev_flash*`; do ./depkg $i $i.tar ; tar -xvf ./$i.tar ; rm $i.tar; done

after it you will get content of dev_flash and dev_flash3 of firmware you choosed.


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  3. January 15th, 2011 | 7:41 pm

    Hi Netkas,
    Since you have started checking out the PS3 scene, will we be seeing any Apple OS on the PS3 since it runs on PPC?
    Would it be possible? Or is possible to use it as a Linux Rendercluster for example?

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