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Its about getting systems with two ati cards to work with both.

So, here is ATY_Init.kext(authors: Dong, thanoulas, netkas).

it allows to initiate second(third/forth) ati graphics card (>= hd2xxx)

how to make it working

boot single user

kextload natit (instead of kextloading natit, you can add it into Extra mkext)
kextload aty_init
kextunload aty_init
issues : if aty_init.kext wasnt kextunloaded, gui will not appear, need to find out why or make a workaround.

download – here

more here


  1. walterav
    April 18th, 2009 | 4:33 pm


    Leopard / Snow Leopard?

  2. wallie
    April 18th, 2009 | 6:59 pm

    very nice!

    leopard or snow leopard?

  3. netkas
    April 18th, 2009 | 8:21 pm


  4. oscarbg
    April 21st, 2009 | 11:51 pm

    A question of this work:
    I have a rather non typical computer running hackintosh..
    specifically contains a 8800gt and a ati 4850..
    With windows I can work with the two cards at the same time on Win7 builds and Windows XP (vista can’t due to WDDM restricitions..)..
    On Linux I have gave up trying to work with it at the the same time with the propietary controllers from ATI and NVIDIA ( i remember that the two fight for overwriting libGLX and possibly also OpenGL library ..)..
    Up to now I only used 8800GT on MAC.. Then came 4850 drivers and I tried and it worked (removing nvinject.kext and setting the BIOS to boot with the 4850 card..)
    So I thought also that working with the two simultaneously would be difficult (altought I think these limitation it’s not inherent of MACOS X i.e. to have multiple graphics cards from differents vendors working)..
    I remember seeing on fourms that to have multiple graphics cards from differents vendors working is possible but not with injectors..
    Using GFXstrings for 8800GT it’s easy.. but I don’t know how to use GFXstrings for having ATI 4850 cards working i.e. without the Natit injector (at least these would be lenghty at less, as Natit for fixing screen issues, contains all the BIOS ROM (?) dumped inside Natit)..

    Now knowing also that ATI cards with are not the BIOS default cards have the issues mentioned in this post I mean if it’s possible to use GFXstrings or NVinject for 8800GT and using
    aty_init and the Natit provided in this post for having the 4850 card (not the BIOS default boot card) also working..

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