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  1. March 20th, 2010 | 1:50 pm

    […] Also added page with listing of all files on server, it’s here. […]

  2. tommy p
    March 20th, 2010 | 7:52 pm

    dear netkas, i am a total newb trying to help my son – built a hackintosh per lifehacker – want to switch to xfx hd radeon 4890 graphics card – not clear on how best to proceed – any help greatly appreciated…

  3. netkas
    March 22nd, 2010 | 9:51 pm

    GraphicsEnabler + qe_ci_exotic pkg

  4. Georgi
    March 25th, 2010 | 12:49 pm

    Master netkas, are you able to make a working kext for GMA4500 please, and get us the thousands 4500 users out of miseries?

  5. Faxtron
    March 26th, 2010 | 11:41 pm

    The best card around there for osx86 is: Geforce gtx+ 9800 or Geforce gtx 295 co-op this one more expensive. You decide. Its better use nvidia cards in hackintosh in my opinion.

    Thanks Netkas for your help and for create this blog.

  6. loll
    March 27th, 2010 | 1:14 am

    Hi Netkas,
    Can you post a link to qe_ci_exoic_cards_10.5.8 ?

  7. Robert
    April 15th, 2010 | 12:30 pm

    Can you re-post the link for

    ///that’s soo old, i dont have it, the drivers is in latest leopard tho

  8. Karl
    April 17th, 2010 | 10:15 am

    Always admired your work Netkas.
    I have a 4870 non 2xDVI and I can’t get it to work. Is there a workaround?

  9. Paulik
    April 25th, 2010 | 10:32 pm

    Приветствую !
    Не мог бы ты выложить где нить исходники своего последнего ядра 8.9.1 для SSE2 ? Очень, очень нужно. В долгу не останусь.

    Заранее благодарен.

  10. hendra
    May 6th, 2010 | 2:54 am

    can i have the ATI_init pkg for 10.5.7 files too? i want qe enabled on my 4890 pls..
    the link is dead on the old one

  11. Jake
    June 10th, 2010 | 11:29 pm

    Hey netkas, can you repost the 4870×2 kexts for 10.5.8, again.

    Theyre down, and since my box refuses to run SL properly, I kinda need em.


  12. Staszek
    June 14th, 2010 | 12:30 pm

    The file server doesn’t work, I’m trying for 5 past days and it’s still a no-go… Will it be fixed?

  13. Faxtron
    June 15th, 2010 | 7:37 pm

    QE_CI_Exotic%20patch%2010.6.2.pkg please

  14. Ben
    June 18th, 2010 | 12:51 pm

    master netkas, file-server seems down

  15. Anonymous
    June 21st, 2010 | 4:36 am

    The requested URL / was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  16. buda
    July 1st, 2010 | 12:58 am

    QE CI Exotic 10.6.2.pkg pleaaaaaaaase
    Can’t find it anywhere

  17. buda
    July 1st, 2010 | 1:06 am

    here is a pack with few things among them QE CI Exotic 10.6.2.pkg
    for other desperate seekers


  18. July 5th, 2010 | 10:55 am
    = a dead link. try posting that way links dont have to be updated any more.

  19. July 12th, 2010 | 11:36 pm

    i need hd4830 dvi.hdmi.vga for 10.6.3

  20. d3vious
    July 20th, 2010 | 12:15 am

    Hi Netkas

    The link to no longer works. can you host it here or email me.

    Kind regards

  21. Taz
    July 24th, 2010 | 12:42 am

    Can you repost Natit for quail pkg please, the rapidshare link is dead.


  22. easkay
    October 25th, 2010 | 2:07 pm

    Hi netkas, thanks for all your sterling work.
    I was trying to follow the 4870×2 guide on instanelymac, and one of the links to the drivers on rapidshare is broken. Can you e-mail me or upload the files?
    Many thanks,

  23. frane
    December 13th, 2010 | 11:02 am

    the link to is dead. please upload it again, i have a hd4350
    thank you for your work

  24. Ajvan
    March 22nd, 2011 | 12:51 pm

    I need ATY_init for HD4850 on 10.5.8 Leopard from

  25. Mustafa
    April 10th, 2011 | 7:34 pm

    Dear Netkas, (or anyone from the community who helps)

    I have a new desktop PC which I use as a multi boot machine. I have a W7, two XPs and two Linux distros in one. I am now trying to add iAtkos s3.
    Motherboard is P5K and the bios is crossflashed with P5KR bios in order to enable the ACHI mode under SATA options. I have 3 HDD ans they are partitioned by MBR method. I create the SL install partition with iAtkos install disk. CPU is Intel Core2Duo E 7800, 2.9 Ghz. and graphic card is Ati Radeon (HIS branded) HD 4670, 512 MB with dual DVI.
    I choose default options. I choose PC-EFI, graphic enabler and Chameleon RC5. The
    Installation went normally. I can now here a nice music but no graphic response. (Total blank screen) As I guess, the problem is graphic card kext.

    I am not experienced on Mac OSX, unfortunately. I read a lot on Insanelymac, Netkas, Tonymacx86 and Osx86 forums during last 15 days. It just makes me more confusing. It is so hard to find exact information among millions of topics and details.

    Can you please help me and describe basically that how can I make my graphic card work normally. Thanks.

  26. Robin Savage
    October 10th, 2011 | 11:18 am

    Dear Netkas

    Please would it be possible to provide me with a link to download macEFIrom’s iMac4,1 to iMac5,1 Firmware Tool that was posted on your forums in September? I have tried to register with your site on 26th of September but i still have not been sent an activation code or anything so i cant access the forums or download this very useful utility.

    Your help would be much appreciated

    kind regards


  27. Kane
    March 2nd, 2012 | 5:44 am

    QE CI Exotic 10.6.5.pkg links to MegaUpload which has been seized.

  28. T R
    June 11th, 2013 | 3:00 pm


    I’m looking for for my Mac Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.8
    I cannot find it.
    Can you mail it to

    Best regards,


  29. will
    August 17th, 2013 | 6:00 am

    could someone please email me the mac pro 2006-2007 firmware tool! I need it very badly and cant find it anywhere! my email is:

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